Mobile Content and Services at the forefront of transformational change – are you ready to jump on the bandwagon?
May 23, 2007

New Industry Profile Now Available

Ottawa, May 28, 2007… Mobile Content and Services are at the forefront of transformational change – changes that are poised to radically alter the way we live, work and play as well as revolutionize the telecommunications industry itself.

The distinction between wireline and wireless communications is blurring, convergence with other technologies (e.g. global positioning, sensors, RFID and vision technologies) is taking place, and access to content is increasingly becoming wireless. Access technologies are evolving rapidly. In this new world of mobile content and services, Asia has taken the lead. However, the opportunities for Canada are immense, both domestically and internationally.

On the consumer front, a cellphone is not just a telephone without a wire. It is a way to access the Internet, to download music and to exchange photos and now, more and more, to watch videos. In Asia and in some parts of Europe, people pay for their train tickets and make their theatre reservations with their cellphone. The cellphone is becoming an electronic wallet.

2007 will be the year when Canada’s mobile content and services industry takes off: such is the conclusion of CATA’s newly published Mobile Content and Services Industry Profile. “Canada has long been lagging in developing and commercializing content and applications for cellular phones, says the author Jean-Guy Rens. But this time is over. All stakeholders involved have entered the international race to create new services for nomadic users.”

Canada’s awakening is all the more crucial since wireless has become the dominant technology inside telecommunications. Wireless subscribers now widely exceed wireline subscribers worldwide and their numbers are increasing rapidly. Wireless is increasingly part of industrial applications. It is now part of our national fabric.

The newly published Mobile Content and Services Industry Profile will assist you in assessing the opportunities. It covers the full scope of mobile services including infrastructure, content and applications and discusses both technology and market trends. As well, Canadian industry’s capacity to respond to these market trends is profiled.

CATA has had a highly focused team of telecommunications and ICT industry specialists examining the practical modalities of interaction between Canadian high tech enterprises and the mobile content and services market. Research was led by CATA Research Director Jean-Guy Rens, author of The Invisible Empire (a 1,200 page history of telecommunications in Canada) and supported by Graytek Management President, Graham Sibthorpe, an acknowledged authority on technology sector and cluster development.

If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on, this fast growth market, the Industry Profile could be your "success map".

The Industry Profile focuses on characterizing current Canadian capabilities, supported by Case Studies that illustrate these capabilities in more depth. As well, markets for mobile services in Asia, Europe and North America are characterized. Since the mobile content and services industry is still in the emerging phase, the intent is to provide the impetus for Canadian success. It is divided into Six Chapters with many hotlinks to information sources:

Chapter 1 - Introduces the reader to the mobility environment and establishes a working hypothesis for the study.

Chapter 2 – Discusses mobile technology trends that are shaping the industry.

Chapter 3 – Provides a market analysis of key regions involved in the development and deployment of mobile content and services.

Chapter 4 - Provides an industrial framework for the mobile services industry and maps a companion company database onto this structure.

Chapter 5 - Provides Case studies of selected companies interviewed as part of the project.

Chapter 6 – Draws conclusions from the research and addresses the question “What is the future for mobility in Canada?”

Get the Mobile Content and Services Industry Profile today - a comprehensive 168 page document, and companion 225 company database (with address, telephone, email and a brief description). The Industry Profile contains dozens of useful links and extensive references for further research and analysis. As a subscriber, you will be kept up-to-date on further development in this fast developing industry and will be invited to participate in ongoing discussions and roundtable events at a preferred customer discount..

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