CATANet Video Productions: Bedouin Office Mobility Technologies and Benefits; CATAAlliance - Going Global
May 23, 2008

Re: Briefing Note on  Mobility (Bedouin) office technologies/benefits, 
      including Going Global overview

CATAVideo net Productions

In response to requests for background on the new CATA business model, involving the adoption
of Web 2.0 technologies and social networks, we have produced three videos:

1.  Bedouin Office Part 1, Component Technologies -
2.  Bedouin Office Part 2, The Benefits -
3.  CATAAlliance - Going Global -

A description of the above is also found at:

++ Action Item:  Please review the videos and briefing note and then send an email
to CATA's President John Reid at outling your interests with Going
Bedouin in the Header.