Innovation Award Winner, Alain McKenna, Media Contributor & Columnist, on new success stories in innovation
May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

Media Contributor & Columnist calls for your Declaration of Support for i-Canada: global leadership through ultrafast communications

Please view this video from CATAnet TV...Alain Mckenna, Media Contributor and Columnist., the winner of the CATAAlliance High Road Quebec Media Award - Prix de l'innovation pour l'Excellence dans le journalisme scientifique et technique medias du Quebec.

Alain McKenna has been a tech journalist for over 10 years now. This past year, he's been a regular contributor and columnist for several websites (,,,, magazines & newspapers (Affaires Plus, La Presse, Les Affaires), radio and TV shows (Historia, Z télé), and has quickly become a reference for consumers and business people looking for objective and reliable information about information technologies and its local, national and worldwide impact. This year, he added hosting local tech conferences to his list of achievements, and enters the second year of writing his Guide branché, a yearly buyer's guide on consumer electronics.

As a media Contributor & Columnist, and i-Canada Alliance supporter, Alain speaks about the growing number of new success stories created by sources of finance and innovation. 

 Ps Interested in responding to the challenge through the i-Canada Alliance? Your endorsement and pledge will help start building the necessary ideas, options and commitments. Please sign the i-Canada Declaration today: A New National Dream: global leadership through ultrafast communications.

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