UBISOFT Toronto Managing Director, Jade Raymond Joins i-CANADA Governors Council
May 28, 2013

Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-Canada & CATA National Leadership Council Advisor, announced today that Jade Raymond, Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto, has joined the i-Canada Governors Council.
"Jade represents the best of the new Creative Economy," said Mr. Hutchison.  "Her collaborative leadership style has helped produce legendary entertainment software. This is a sector with higher revenues than the movie industry...and it is wonderful to draw on the strength of a Canadian executive who leads in this fast-moving digital realm."
The i-Canada Governors Council is chaired by New Brunswick Premier David Alward; a province that boasts a thriving high-tech "millionaire's ecosystem". With Mayors, CEOs and community leaders, the iCanada Governors Council is dedicated to the creation of an Intelligent Nation.  More than 70 per cent of Canadian jobs depend on the Knowledge Services sector, and Intelligent Communities thrive in this environment.
"As a company operating in Canada for over 15 years with three studios in Montreal, Quebec City and most recently Toronto, Ubisoft is committed to create innovative, memorable video game experiences for fans around the world,” says Jade Raymond, Managing Director, Ubisoft Toronto. “ In my nearly 10 years at Ubisoft, I can say with confidence that Canada's future as an innovative nation depends on our ability to collaborate through networks that move with the speed of our industry, and I look forward to imparting my experience to help the important work of the i-Canada Governors Council.”     

Brian Bronfman, President of the Peace Grantmakers Network and Chairman of the i-CANADA Peace Alliance, noted that: "I’ve known Jade since the days of our volunteer work together on the board of Leave Out Violence (LOVE), which is one of Canada’s outstanding violence prevention organizations.  LOVE helps troubled youth turn things around through programming centered on media arts.  I’ve watched over the years as Jade has contributed to the betterment of Canadian society, both through her outstanding business leadership and through her contribution to the field of applied peace.  The i-Canada Peace Alliance is launching a companion initiative on Bullying Prevention, and I look forward once again to working with Jade and to drawing on her insightful and compassionate guidance."  Mr. Bronfman, who is also a member of the i-CANADA Governors Council, added that “Our Bullying Prevention program will be launched within weeks, at the i-CANADA SUMMIT event in Toronto: “The Seven Habits of Highly Intelligent Communities”.   To see the agenda go to: