G-Cloud First for Canada Adoption Helps Answer the ‘Quo Vadis’ of Canada’s Digital Strategy
June 10, 2013

Ottawa, June 10, 2013…CATAAlliance, Canada’s largest high tech association, called for the adoption of a G-Cloud First for Canada policy at a special meeting of Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) Innovative Canadian Enterprises Advisory Committee.

SSC’s Chief Operating Officer, Grant Westcott, and Benoit Long, Senior ADM, Transformation, Service Strategy and Design,  kicked off the department’s innovation outreach today with a discussion on problem spaces and potential approaches. SSC is looking for industry assistance in solving challenges in key problem areas associated with their mandate.

John Reid, CATAAlliance CEO, said, “We are encouraging the Government of Canada to evaluate a G-Cloud First for Canada policy as a way of enabling and commercializing innovation, driving substantial cost savings and stimulating the Small to Medium (SME) business segment.  These matters need to addressed at the top level of the Canadian government if we expect to boost our competitive innovation nation rankings.”

A recent State of the Nation Report, “Canada's Science, Technology and Innovation System: Aspiring to Global Leadership” concluded that Canada continues to tread water as a mid-level performer in science, technology, and innovation (STI) and is calling for Canada to aim higher and aspire for global leadership on key STI measures.

CATAAlliance has put forward six items for the SSC Committee action, namely,

·         Evaluation of the UK G-Cloud model and policy;

·         Assessment and interviews with key SME’s working on the G-Cloud to determine business impact and benefits;

·         Operational assessment of savings, efficiencies and innovation from the G-Cloud;

·         Evaluation of U.S. Cloud first model;

·         Evaluation of the Australian Cloud first model; and,

·         A panel meeting of leading Canadian legal minds on privacy, security to have a best practice discussion on cloud computing and Canada 

Reid concluded, “The Canadian Federal Government simply needs to demonstrate more forward thinking leadership in the area of cloud computing.   No business, let alone nation, can maintain a first-tier presence in global markets if handicapped by the inertia of legacy business models.”

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Media Contact: John Reid, CATA CEO at jreid@cata.ca