CATA Action Committee on Entrepreneurship - Teleforum
June 11, 2010

CATAAlliance is pleased to announce the Action Committee on Entrepreneurship (ACE) Teleforum. ACE is a committee that has been created to foster an environment and culture in which technology companies can be grown and remain in Canada. Join this collaborative call to provide your input on this important initiative and/or to become an active member of the committee.

Participants on this call will have the opportunity to put forward ideas for ways in which ACE can promote entrepreneurship in the technology industry as a viable and important component of Canada’s future economic ecosystem.


During this session we will discuss how ACE can create a national presence to work with local or provincial groups to:
  • Foster successful entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Become the national group for sharing information and best practices
  • Create a knowledge base or map of all Canadian entrepreneurial support programs
  • Create students-to-start-ups forum
  • Get VC volunteer list for involvement in local college and university entrepreneurship courses
  • Create seed funding opportunities for new start-up companies
  • Instigate an equivalent of “own the podium” motto/brand
  • Produce videos of entrepreneurs.
  • Create a mechanism for entrepreneurs to generate publicity around their companies
  • Create connections between foreign entrepreneurs and Canadian entrepreneurs for joint collaboration
  • Create a feedback panel for new ideas

Featured Speaker and Moderator

Dr. James Bowen is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and professor. He has previously published two books discussing the creation and growth of high-tech product companies. His third and most recent book “The Entrepeneurial Effect” is a collaborative effort drawing upon input from some of the leaders of Ottawa’s technology industry. Dr. Bowen also teaches university courses on technology, entrepreneurship and strategy. He is active with local technology companies and investors and regularly provides advice to technology companies. His current focus is on start-ups/consortiums to bring together people, opportunities, investment, markets and technology to accelerate the growth of technology companies.

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