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June 12, 2006

PoE technology enables the delivery of power over the same wires that carryEthernet data or VoIP traffic. PoE-enabled switches deliver power to remotePoE-enabled devices such as IP phones, WLAN access points and securitycameras and sensors. The rapid growth of the PoE enabled switch market isdriven by the rapid growth in WiFI and VoIP services. It simplifies theinstallation of appliances on Ethernet networks, with all services providedover one network without requiring access to power points at each node.

Traditionally, network devices, such as IP phones, wireless LAN accesspoints, laptop computers and Web cameras, also have required both types ofconnections. Given the increasing number of LAN devices in corporations,wiring AC connections for each of them is a costly task.


  • eliminates the need for additional outlets and the labor cost incurredfrom contracting electricians to install them

  • supports a point-to-multipoint power distribution architecture, parallelto the data network. This lets managers use a single UPS at the network coreto back up multiple scattered devices on the LAN.

  • 802.3af also provides remote access and management via SNMP Web-basedcontrol

Any Ethernet "signal" cable can be directly connected to the input port,then coue out "signal + power" from Output port. Its is plug and play, andvery easy to install in any networking system bringing PoE features withoutany configuration.

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