The Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA): Engage now to boost your IT skill sets
June 13, 2011

CATAAlliance is partnering with Microsoft to increase awareness of the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), a fully cloud-based learning experience focusing on Microsoft Cloud Technologies.  The MVA can be part of improving your IT skill sets.

What is the MVA?

Microsoft Virtual Academy – MVA is a fully cloud-based learning experience focusing on Microsoft Cloud Technologies. You can access a variety of training content online and become one of the renowned experts in the IT Pro community around the world. MVA provides its users with a virtual university experience: the student can select a track and study the material and then do the self-assessment. By doing so, he will collect points that will promote him to a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level. Students on MVA can get access to all the information, statistics and advancements of their training career, allowing them to maintain a long-term relationship with Microsoft. Learning through MVA is free of charge, and you can study the contents at any time and at your own pace.

The MVA is open to anybody wishing to grow professionally, to improve their IT skill sets, and to follow along in a training environment completely free of charge. There is no prerequisite for access to the training resources, nor is there a minimum level of technical expertise required.

++ Action Item: Please take a few minutes to visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) web site for full background details, including a FAQ section.

CATA’s Innovation Nation Campaign, designed to boost Canada’s competitiveness and innovation rankings encourages Canadians to lead as creators, innovators and adapters of next generation technologies. The MVA provides a key resource to help advance this goal.