The Canadian Wireless Public Alerting Dissemination (WPAD) Forum: An invite to join this important peer group
June 14, 2013

A Message from CATAAlliance: We hope that you found the WPAD Workshop productive. One of the action items is to great an on-line venue for participants to continue their dialogue, create peer relationships and generally advance the WPAD mandate.

Your action request is to join the WPAD Forum (see below) at this URL:

The Canadian Wireless Public Alerting Dissemination (WPAD) Forum is a networking Group for stakeholders with interest in the development of wireless emergency alerting to connect with peers, share knowledge, provide updates on public alerting developments, promote research, collaborate and seek suggestions and advice on the best path forward to implement WPAD.

The Group is managed by the CATAAlliance in recognition of the importance of wireless emergency alerts to the safety of Canadians and as an example of Digital Leadership for the 21st Century.

Best regards,

John Reid, CATA CEO
David Farnes, Chair, WPAD Forum