CanWIT (Women in Tech) CEO Sandra Wear on Smart Cities Advocacy: Support today
June 14, 2014

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  • Group: CanWIT, a Division of CATAAlliance
  • Subject: CanWIT CEO Sandra Wear on Smart Cities Advocacy

Dear CanWIT Community members

Can you join with me now in supporting a new Advocacy Campaign that will boost Smart Cities in Canada? The background and video call to action is provided at this URL: 

Our community can and should play a key role in leading, supporting and facilitating advocacy aimed at improving Canada’s investment climate and quality of life for citizens.

I am going to post the above communiqué on my Social Networks and also reach out to some key contacts and ask them to add their support to the Smart Cities Campaign.

Let’s be seen as a champion of Smart Cities.

With best regards,

Sandra Wear, CEO, CanWIT 
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