Calling Women in Tech Community Executives: Sign the Online Crowdfunding Petition Today
June 20, 2012


Date: June 20, 2012

Attn: Women in Technology Community Executives

Re: Crowdfunding Advocacy: Urgent Call to Action - Sign the Petition today

Dear Members

CATAAlliance has launched an online petition to legalize equity crowdfunding and we can play our part in advancing crowdfunding advocacy. Please sign the petition today.

With scarcer early stage $ available to fund small businesses, and less than 1% of venture capital going to women to start tech companies, alternative models like crowdfunding, now legal in USA, Australia, and recently passed in the Senate, Canada is lagging.

Legalizing equity crowdfunding requires legislation to be passed by each province because securities regulation is a provincially rather than federally governed responsibility. CATA is now lobbying provincial governments across Canada to introduce laws making this type of fundraising legal.

Dozens of people have already signed the petition, which was created jointly with i-Canada, (a subgroup of CATA lobbying to position Canada as an "intelligent nation") and to provide a vehicle to supply much needed venture capital to fuel start-ups.

The iCANADA/CATA sub team is led by Dr. Cindy Gordon, Chair, former CanWIT chair. Other CanWIT leaders already engaged include: Dr. Catherine Boive, Former CIO, Blue Cross and VanCity and Fawn Annan, CEO IT World Canada. Over 20 volunteers across the country have rapidly come together.

++ Action Item: Please sign the crowdfunding petition and add your support to this very important advocacy Campaign for women-led businesses, full details are presented at this URL:

Emily Boucher

Director of Communications & Diversity

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