Bridging the First Responder and Vendor Gap: Benefit Now from National Teleforum Recording Insights
June 22, 2011

Obtain your free MP3 download of our recent National Teleforum regarding the 4th Annual First Responder Vendor Outreach Forum.

Speakers include: Michael Doucet Chief Information Officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Inspt. (Ret`d) Lance Valcour, supporting the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) and the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group, Russell Heal, Project Manager, General Dynamics Canada, and Jim Peter Safar, President, Inter-Op Canada.

Sound Bites:

Inspt. (Ret'd) Lance Valcour, Canadian Police Research Centre
"What a great opportunity to get into a room and really see and hear what people are doing and an opportunity for us, the public safety community, to talk to industry both one-on-one and in what we call a procurement-free zone: where there are no promise of favours – just because we’ve had a conversation doesn’t mean you’re getting a contract as the entire procurement selection process has to happen outside of all this – but it really does open the lines of communication."

Michael Doucet, Chief Information Officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
"What I'd really like to talk about this year is how do we engage? Because, quite frankly, in a lot of cases it's easier to do business with large organizations from a procurement perspective. But we really need to think about how do we engage across that wide swath of organizations and really go to the community and really figure out how to bring innovation into our organization."

Russell Heal, Project Manager, General Dynamics Canada
"The whole Forum is a great opportunity in a relaxed and open environment that allows us to discuss and understand firstly what the needs of the First Responders are. We get to hear from them and engage and understand what their needs, desires, and constraints they are working under are… and able to engage with a lot of key responders from that market that we wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to do so. ”

Jim Peter Safar, President, Inter-Op Canada
"The VOF is actually ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises because you are spending a fixed amount of money and know exactly what you're getting in return for that investment...the speakers and presentations are actually crucial to the Forum because they provide SME's valuable information as to where their respective organizations are right now and where they are planning to go and how they plan on doing so." 

Also hear from Superintendent Pascal Rodier of the British Columbia Ambulance Service and Ottawa Fire Deputy Chief Michael Sullivan as they provides details on, respectively: speaker and Boardroom participants for the Vancouver Forum; and, updates on the 700 MHz Public Safety campaign updates.

Key Broadcast Timelines

0:00 - 10:30     Kevin Wennekes
Introductions and overview of the Vendor Outreach Forum’s format and value proposition

10:30 - 21:35     Lance Valcour
Why the Forum is valuable to both the vendor and First Responder communities and how it benefits both groups

21:35 – 29:45     Michael Doucet
What brings Michael back to the Forum series for his second consecutive appearance, his planned presentation for Vancouver, and what the RCMP looks to gain from the experience

29:45 – 37:15    Russell Heal
What General Dynamics gains from their Forum investments, including personal experiences in the 'Dragon’s Den' Executive Boardroom (includes a segment with Lance Valcour discussing the instant feedback and contact sharing processes)

37:15 – 43:40    Jim Peter Safar
How the Forum is a vehicle for small to medium size enterprises to capture market and mind space, his firm’s measurable success, and why his firm will be at all future Forums

43:40 – 48:10    Pascal Rodier
An overview of the confirmed speakers and First Responder participating organizations included in the Executive Boardrooms

48:10 – 50:55    Micheal Sullivan & wrap-up
Recent U.S. developments in the 700 MHz Broadband for Public Safety campaign and overview of planned remarks for Vancouver

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