TSX Emerging Technology Award: Virage Simulation, Mike Reardon, Director of Business Development
June 24, 2011


Robert Peterman, (left) Head of Business Development, TSX (TMX Group) presents the TSX Emerging Technology Leadership Award to Mike Reardon, Director of Business Development, Virage Simulations Inc., (centre) with John Reid, CATAAlliance (Rt).

Please view this video from CATAnet TV...Mike Reardon, Director of Business Development, Virage Simulation Inc.,  the winner of Ericsson Award for Outstanding Product Achievement (Content and Application Mobility Industry) presented at the 2011 CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala.

The TSX Award for Emerging Technology Leadership is given in recognition of the recent launch of an innovative new product. Advanced technology products, technology-based services and products that utilize emerging technologies were considered.

Virage Simulation Inc. is the only Canadian manufacturer of simulator-based driver training solutions. It was founded by six former CAE engineers. CAE is the worldwide market share leader in flight simulators. Typical pilot training is 100% based on simulators. Virage founders have now brought this flight simulator technology as well as training /research approach to the driver training /research community. Virage Simulation is in fact introducing a proven methodology foundation to driving beyond its simulator technology strengths. Many know about the dangers of distracted driving, which is why the largest manufacturer of texting devices, LG purchased a 'Don't Text and Drive simulator from Virage in order to reinforce the why this is the case as an example of non-traditional customers. Consumers can live through the dangers of texting on the simulator built for LG.

As Director of Business Development, Virage Simulation Inc.,  Mr. Reardon talks about the importance of targeting the customer.

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