ICTC Information Technology Strategic HR Leadership Award: Magor Communications
June 24, 2011


Paul Swinwood, (left) President, ICTC presents the ICTC Information Technology Strategic HR Award to Ken Davison, VP of Marketing, Magor Communications (centre) with John Reid, CATAAlliance (Rt).

Please view this video from CATAnet TV...Ken Davison, VP of Marketing, Magor Communications, the winner of the ICTC Information Technology Strategic HR Leadership Award presented at the 2011 CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala.

This award is presented to the Information Technology (IT) company or organization that enhanced their performance and reputation by leveraging organization human capital. Their efforts should demonstrate how Human Resources (HR) align with corporate strategic goals and enhances their successes. The winner will have led their organization by effectively providing leadership on HR issues, contributing to business growth and communicating the value of HR.

Magor Communications works with technology and channel partners and OEMs to bring the power of telecollaboration to businesses of all sizes, across a range of industries and vertical markets. They want to provide workers at all levels of an organization access to advanced communications solutions that help reduce costs, improve productivity and strengthen relationships among employees, customers, partners and suppliers. The Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace family is designed for how you work, not where you work. Together, these systems give you the freedom to work in the best way to get the job done — whether that’s at your desk, in your office or in a meeting room.

As VP of Marketing, Magor Communications, Mr. Davison talks about the success key of increasing productivity for human capital.

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