Gold Medal Leadership Program
June 26, 2009


June 26, 2009

Gold Medal Leadership Program

Bring home the Gold! CEOs have made a significant investment in their executive team, and a company's success is riding on its performance.

What would a company's future look like if its executives performed as a world-best team? What would it take to make its executives perform to the level of "Gold Medal" teamsmanship?

The Gold Medal Leadership Program researches your company and combines inspiration, real-world analysis, and success-based coaching to turn performance into gold.
  • Do the executives understand what it takes to be a super-achieving team?
  • Do they have a competitive benchmark against the world's best performance management?
  • Are they coaching themselves for ongoing success?
The global economy is telling everyone that organizational transformation is the key to success. Today's corporation is in the toughest competitive race ever, and only those companies that have executives who rise to gold medal team performance will win. Through the Gold Medal Leadership Program, three steps bring immediate success:

1. Your gold shockwave: Use a Proven "Olympic Gold" winner to jump-start transformation:
The business-as-usual performance mind-set needs to be jolted to set the stage for acceptance of new leadership patterns. Olympic gold medal winner and businessman Adam Kreek will tell your team how the high-intensity Olympic Gold leadership techniques apply to their activities. Adam has been in the business of global wining for 12 years; eight of them in the Olympics. Adam will transfer his passion to "Make each moment that you are in, the moment of excellence"

Adam Kreek

2. Your gold benchmark: winner to jump-start transformation:
Uniquely tailored research from CATA's VP of Research Kevin Wennekes will benchmark how your company fits against the best global competitors. Using a proven performance management benchmark methodology developed in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Telfer, companies will be provided with leading practices related to the application of performance management approaches and tools and benchmarked against their peers to gain insights that will bring more effective and competitive performance. Find out what your executives need to know and to do to win gold!

Kevin Wennekes

3. Your gold team creation:
Your executive leaders will be coached by Solution Focus expert Alan Kay, head of the Glasgow Group, until the organization is able to run by itself in 'continuous innovation' mode. Alan will find out what's working for you; what does not need to change; what is keeping your team members up at night; and how to do more of what you are good at!

Alan Kay
Gold Medal performance secrets, signature research, and self-driven coaching will provide a unique-to-you full-service organizational transformation model. Your leadership team will reach top Olympic standards within weeks, and receive a Gold Medal for performance success from Ottawa University's Ian Telfer School of Business Management! You will have a performance improvement you can measure, from research done just for you!

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