CATA continues to grow in 2008!
July 2, 2008

OTTAWA July 2 2008 - The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) accepted 84 new members during their annual general meeting on June 10th. Many of CATA's new members joined Canada's largest and longest-running high-tech trade association through its affiliated communities, including: CATA's Women in Technology Forum (CATA WIT), the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP), and the Canadian Association of Voice-Over IP Providers (CAVP). Each of CATA's new members are now linked to a leadership network of 30,000, and receive the latest and greatest industry related research reports, and network with each other to drive revenues.

"CATA is pleased to welcome our newest members. With the overwhelming trend of Web 2.0 technologies, this is an especially exciting time to join our association," says Barry Gander, Executive Vice President, CATA. "We continue to embrace initiatives that promote our Innovation Nation platform, and are thrilled to have so many new companies involved with both our new and existing programs."

Over the past year CATA and its members have driven forward the core planks of the Innovation Nation:

  • Developing a National Brand for Canada based on Regional Advantages;
  • Creating an Industrial Strategy for Canada, linked to strategic approaches to government procurement, commercialization, supply chains, outsourcing, exports, and increased international mandates;
  • Responding to the Flat World of global competition with the removal of trade barriers, provision of support to equal the playing field for Canadian competitors and investment in the infrastructure needed to preserve and expand market strength;
  • Maintaining the best practice aspects of Canada's SR&ED tax incentive program;
  • Attracting, retaining and training best talent;
  • Fostering executive leadership for industry growth, including a commitment to lifetime learning;
  • Developing the IT capacity of women and encouraging women to join the technology market and enroll in technology-related studies;
  • Creating best practices for Public Safety and National Security with an eye to protecting privacy, including fostering the growth of the advanced security sector; and
  • Advancing measures to speed ICT adoption by the public and private sectors, particularly for small to mid sized (SME) businesses.

"Competitive advantage will be maximized by the Canadian public and private sectors supplying people skilled in the development, application, use and maintenance of advanced technologies throughout all sectors of the national economy," says John Reid, President, CATA. "We must ensure that Canada's factors of production are being used to their maximum potential and see that businesses and governments are continuously creating and adopting advanced skills, new technologies and efficient organizational approaches."

Over the past six months CATA has also effectively engaged members and Directors in the development of a new CATA Business Model, fully embracing Web 2.0 technologies. CATA members now have the opportunity to take advantage of CATA's involvement and use of the latest Web 2.0 technologies, and in particular, their wide-use of social networking sites to promote their members and services.

For more information on CATA's latest business model please visit, or contact Cathi Malette at (613) 236-6550 ext. 222 to become a member.