Extended support network for CATA study on Effective Commercialization of Innovations in Canada
July 6, 2011

Ottawa, July 6, 2011 - We are pleased to announce that the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has joined the growing ranks of CATA supporters of the Innovation Nation Campaign and the 2011 study on Effective Commercialization of Innovations in Canada.

The study will proceed with a firm-level survey, followed by in-depth interviews with key firms and government organizations involved in the commercialization of innovation.  The survey will collect data on pertinent commercialization activities to provide support for the development of policies and practices leading to a better commercialization of innovation in the global markets.
"We are delighted that BDC has joined our organization in support of identifying what are the views of Canadian industry concerning effective commercialization of innovations – what works and what does not in Canadian industry attempts at being more effective in the global marketplace." said Dr. Sorin Cohn, the CATA leader of the study. “BDC is one of the most active venture capital investors in Canada. Its experience in the real-world commercialization of innovation will be of great value for the all project members and for the final report."

The survey results will help Canadian industry and government innovation executives to benchmark their organizations' success in the commercialization of innovation and to develop better practices and programs for ensuring competitiveness on a global scale.
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