New Support Resources for the CATAWIT (Women in Technology) Community
July 14, 2008


Date: July 14, 2008

Attn: CATAWIT members
From: John Reid, President, CATAAlliance
Re: New Support Resources for CATA’s Communities

Dear CATAWIT members

As part of CATA’s Web 2.0 office (aka Bedouin), we have taken on a new Web 2.0 support team with skills in research and logistics:  please welcome Emily Boucher and Brent Wennekes, as our “Web 2.0 tag team” mandated to provide additional support and coordination for the various CATA communities.

In the case of WIT, Emily will be taking the lead with Brent in the background, assisting with research and advocacy, as well as events. I have also asked Emily to outreach to her College and University peers as part of WIT outreach to Canada’s future leaders, in addition to managing social networking sites (e.g., Facebook) in order to obtain more value from them.

Finally, Emily, along with Cathi Malette, Member Services Manager will play the role of Customer Care Agent for WIT; members are encouraged to call her directly (613.222.9525) with your ideas, questions and feedback.

 Ps for a short review of the Bedouin Office (Web 2.0 or Mobility Office), WIT members can view:

 Bedouin Office Part 2, The Benefits -