Input needed into Canada’s Space Industry: Open Forum
July 15, 2008

Ottawa, July 14 2008 - The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) is requesting public input into Canada’s future role in space exploration. An open forum has been created with opinion gathering software from to analyze and act on feedback to a strategy-defining manifesto and call to action formulated by Canadian leaders involved in space research and industrial activities.  

The document offers a consensual framework to identify Canada’s vision to develop the ‘endless ecology’ of space. It also encourages feedback and suggestions from the public, private sector, businesses, and academia. With a framework that outlines the specific benefits of space exploration, such as the endless ecosystem, economic progress, conservation technologies, and competitive advantage, space industry leaders are looking for a consensus on Canada’s vision for future space policy.

“CATA is concerned that the Canadian government has not clearly identified its future endeavors with space exploration. Without a structured plan in place, we risk losing our share of the $200-billion global market in space projects,” says Barry Gander, Executive Vice President, CATA. “Canadian firms are currently global market leaders in regional aircraft, business jets, commercial helicopters, small gas turbine engines, flight simulation, landing gear, and space applications. We need to ensure that our position remains competitive at a global level in the decades to come.”

As a call-to-action, the manifesto also clarifies current threats to Canada’s future space industry. Space industry leaders have indicated that funding for space exploration in Canada has decreased significantly. Canada has actually decreased its funding for space exploration more than any other G8 country in the world. The number of astronauts Canada currently employs is also at the lowest level it’s ever been at. Without a strategic plan in place there is nothing that identifies why Canada has astronauts or what their role will be in the near future.

To gather public opinion on the manifesto CATA has partnered with, a new-age internet software company that focuses on empowering feedback. offers everything from easily accessible survey tools and widgets to collaboration lounges, where a series of documents can be reviewed. For this specific project, has set-up a lounge for viewers to access the manifesto and make comments or suggestions.

" gathers data, analyzes it, and then takes action on it. We offer a one-stop solution for feedback needs, enabling decision makers to formulate imperative decisions in the quickest and most effective time possible,” says Aydin Mirazee.

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