CrowdFund Investing: The Key to New Canadian Jobs? A meeting on July 16th in Toronto about a new life-saving Early Stage Funding Framework sponsored by CATA’s InvestCrowdFund Canada and StartUp Grind

According to the Kauffman Foundation, net job growth is driven entirely by start-ups. 

The essential role of Crowdfund Investing in creating these job-producing start-ups will be explored in a meeting in Toronto  on July 16th, 2012.  Featured experts include Sherwood Neis, Founder, StartUp Exemption (, & US Jobs Act Change Champion; Dr. Cindy Gordon, Chair, Invest CrowdFund Canada, (; Andrea Johnson, Securities Partner, FMC; and President Tony Arias, President ALAMidas Capital Corporation. 

Audience questions and interaction is encouraged.

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Canada is Falling Behind in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

There is widespread agreement that Canada has been falling behind in innovation and entrepreneurship support. At the same time, the availability of private equity investment has been declining for small and medium businesses in Canada. Angel and venture capital investors have reduced early stage investments over the course of the last decade.

Even though there is recognition among business analysts and industry leaders that we need to accelerate the growth of startups in Canada, the more rapid pace of change in other jurisdictions means that Canada risks losing next-generation leaders to more sophisticated funding environments.

Crowdfunding  - A Promising New Framework for Funding  StartUps.

A powerful new merger of social media and finance known as crowdfunding promises to accelerate the growth and support of innovative startups. Crowdfunding involves the collective co-operation of people who network and pool capital to support startups. 

The U.S. JOBS Act, which allows for a wider pool of smaller investors with fewer restrictions, recently was signed into law by President Obama and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and will establish specific funding rules. But crowdfunding has not received regulatory approval in Canada.

With Canada’s High Tech companies, only accounting for a razor thin 1.6 percent of Canada’s stock index, down from a staggering 41% in July 2000, high tech companies are vanishing from the radar in Canada at an alarming rate.  

Can Crowdfunding help create a new funding framework to address some of Canada’s innovation and grow challenges in the Advanced Technology Sector?

Learn more about CrowdFunding on US and Canadian Efforts

Join us on July 16th in Toronto, Ontario to listen to leading experts from USA and Canada that are committed to changing the legislation to legalize crowdfunding.

1.)   Sherwood Neise, the Chief Advocate of Startup Exemption and co-author of the Crowdfunding framework signed into law by President Obama with the JOBS Act.  We'll be talking about the history, future, potential, and risks of crowdfunding in the United States and other countries around the world.

2.)   Dr. Cindy Gordon, Co-Founder, SalesChoice, & Chair of InvestCrowdFund Canada, a division of CATA and iCANADA that are lobbying across the country to change the security laws. A petition has been issued at: and please sign to demonstrate your support of crowdfunding. A White paper has been written at:

3.)   Andrea Johnson, Securities Partner, FMC Law Firm, Board Director, CATA InvestCrowdFund, and author of a new Crowdfunding Technical Discussion Paper

4.)   Tony Arias, President, ALAMidas Capital Inc. , Board Director, CATA InvestCrowdFund will discuss the crowdfunding leadership efforts of the Province of British Columbia.


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