The Embedded Systems Study: please complete the Survey and help us promote the sector
July 20, 2011

A Note from the Desk of CATA Sr. VP, CATA (Quebec) calling for community participation in our embedded systems Study

CATAAlliance is performing a Study on embedded systems. Our goal is to actively promote this important segment of the microelectronics industry. In order to be successful, we simply need to know who is doing what  and  then using market-based community insights we will launch initiatives supportive of the growth of this important sector of the economy.

You can help us by answering our questionnaire, thus providing valuable guidance for our mission.

++ Action Requested:
Please click on the link below:

All respondents will receive a summary of the results upon the study completion in autumn 2011.

Thank you for your help!

Jean-Guy Rens

Senior Vice President / Vice-président principal
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) /
Alliance canadienne des technologies avancées (CATA)
36, place Upper Trafalgar, Montréal, QC, Canada H3H 1T3

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