CIO 3.0: The Dynamics Facing Today's CIOs and How to Plan for the Future: Please reserve your place today
July 22, 2009

CIO 3.0 - The Dynamics Facing Today's CIOs and How to Plan for The Future

Event Details:

September 22nd, 2009

11:30 am EST to 3:00 pm EST

The executive roundtable will be held at various Cisco offices in North America. Cisco TelePresence delivers a unique, "in-person" experience so you can meet people without travel, thus saving time as well as money. You can communicate and collaborate more effectively anytime, anywhere, with everyone.

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Please join us for a live North American peer-to-peer roundtable discussion with CIOs in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Washington, Vancouver and Halifax to discuss challenges facing today's CIOs and how to survive today's business climate.
Areas of discussion include:
  • What are today's emerging global themes and the risks and implications facing CIOs?
  • How can CIOs start to lead in organizations and create value instead of acting as IT managers and cut costs?
  • How can we get better at aligning our activities with our peers? How can we bridge the gap between technology initiatives and business imperatives?
Please note: This roundtable is NOT open to vendors, consultants, or people in between positions. This roundtable is strictly targeted for CIOs, CTOs, VPs of Technology and Operations. Please forward along to the targeted executive for your company.

Following the North American Live Roundtable, participating CIOs will get a copy of The IBM Global CIO Study 2009. IBM conducted face-to-face interviews with over 2,500 CIOs from more than 75 countries and 15 different industries to find out how CIOs operate in today's dynamic environment and their plans for the future. The insights will be revealed in The IBM Global CIO Study 2009 launching on September 10, 2009. Pre-register for the Study at