Canada and the Next Level of Health Care
July 23, 2007

Ottawa, July 23, 2007 -- A webinar on "Healthcare from the Grass Roots Up" will feature a panel of experts who will describe the benefits and challenges of empowering patients by providing them with access to their Electronic Health Records (EHR).The webinar will be held on Tuesday August 14th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

The "Health Care From the Grass Roots Up" webinar is an online collaboration between experts who will discuss the rise of information systems designed to empower patients with accessibility to their Electronic Health Records. It is one in a series of pan-Canadian and global live exposé of the best practices being used today -- practices that embrace innovation in Health Care delivery.

"Patients are taking more active roles in illness prevention and the overall management of their health care," said Trevor Hodge, Senior Vice President, Investment Strategies and Alliance, Canada Health Infoway. "Providing patients with access to their electronic health record will provide them with the information they need to monitor their well-being and will help foster patient participation to an even greater extent."

Research has shown that keeping patients more informed is directly associated with increased patient satisfaction, better treatment compliance and a better understanding of their medical condition. Further, the source of information relevant to the patient and their provider is collected at various points along the healthcare continuum -- from both acute (hospital) and ambulatory (G.P., homecare, clinics etc.) providers. The ability to assemble these various data into the patients' Electronic Health Records is critical to achieving lasting and significant outcomes. The result will be care of the highest quality and efficiency, and most importantly, care that earns the highest patient satisfaction.

The webinar panel consists of:

  • Judith Shamian, President and CEO, Victorian Order of Nurses
  • Lydia Lee, Exec. Dir., University Health Network and CIO Toronto Central LHIN
  • Glen Kearns, VP, Clinical Programs, London Health Sciences Centre
  • Ron Dunn, Vice President, McKesson Information Solutions Canada
  • MODERATOR: Trevor Hodge, Senior VP, Canada Health Infoway

An electronic health record (EHR) is a secure and private lifetime record of an individual's health and care history, available electronically to authorized health providers. It facilitates the sharing of data - across the continuum of care, across healthcare delivery organizations and across geographies.

The webinar is being presented by Common Pulse, a collaborative undertaking of Health Connexions, Cyglera, and CATAAlliance.

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Mary Kubesh


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Health Connexions is a health care service aggregation company with expertise in bringing new solutions and partners to the health care industry. Our goal is to improve health care delivery, and broaden access to that care for more people, in both the public and private health care sectors. Our forte is that we specialize in strategic planning and market research, as well as the tactical implementation of health care solutions like continuing medical education programs, patient compliance programs and physician practice audit & patient registries.

About Cyglera Health Systems
CYGLERA is a solutions provider for brands that apply technological and strategic expertise and experience to assist clients in a broad variety of Healthcare market sectors. CYGLERA develops and implements visionary business solutions using extensive experience with the Internet and other connectivity technologies. CYGLERA specializes in technological solutions for Health Care and Pharmaceutical markets including Electronic Health Records and ePharmacy. Our Collaboration Market Solution is an advanced web Collaboration platform that intensifies organizations' market penetration, while increasing customer relationship marketing capabilities to the Healthcare Practitioner and Patient levels. CYGLERA promotes efficiency in Healthcare delivery through collaboration.

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is the biggest business development association for producers and users of advanced technology. The only organization representing all sectors of the economy, CATA's umbrella of special-interest, municipal, provincial and allied organizations directly reaches 20,000 technology executives and an additional 22,000 technology users. Dedicated to making Canadian organizations world-class makers and adopters of technology, CATA creates strategic partnerships, strengthens communities and networks, and promotes supportive public policy. For more than a quarter of a century CATA has been stimulating growth, driving commercialization and growing the advanced technology export industry for the Canadian economy.

About Infoway
Canada Health Infoway was created as a strategic response to needs expressed by Canada's First Ministers when they agreed in September 2000 "to work together to strengthen a Canada-wide health infostructure to improve quality, access and timeliness of health care for Canadians." The federal, provincial and territorial Deputy Ministers of Health are the Members of the Corporation. Infoway's mission is to foster and accelerate the development and adoption of compatible electronic health information systems. Infoway's approach is to invest strategically and work in partnership with stakeholders including the private sector. The Corporation acts as a catalyst, leveraging its financial resources through targeted investments and building on best practices.