Are You Ready for the Philippine’s Marketplace? New Guide Now available
July 25, 2008

Ottawa, July 27, 2008… The opportunities and complexities of the Philippine market must be clearly understood by Canadian businesses developing their global growth strategies.

Are you prepared to respond?

The newly published High Tech Market Study of Philippines will assist you in assessing these opportunities.

The government of Philippines has launched a ROAD MAP for the ICT in 2006 as contributors to the emergence of the global economy. Not only goods, services and capital globally circulated, but for the first time production on a planetary scale occurs in real time…

Government policies are encouraging the growth of the telecommunications industry by improving access and inviting increased foreign investment in the domestic market. Significant measures are also being taken to support ICT education and skills development. The government has collaborated with Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and others to develop ICT training centers. Today the Philippines has one of the best training infrastructures for ICT in Asia.

CATA has had a multidisciplinary team from University of Quebec (UQO) create a comprehensive Guides to Business Development In the Philippines (69 pages), focused on the practical modalities of interaction between Canadian high tech enterprises and these growing global markets. Research was directed by Professor Tamas Koplyay and co-supervised by CATA EVP, Barry Gander.

If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on these growing markets, the Guides could be your "success map". The Guides are divided into multiple Chapters with many hotlinks to
information sources. Key topics include:

  • Economy and Trade
  • Laws and Regulations
  • High Tech Research
  • Biotech
  • New Energy
  • ICT
  • Research urls

Get the High Tech Market Study of Philippines today - a comprehensive 69 page document, written  to respond to CATA's needs analysis Survey of companies doing business in or planning to expand in these markets. The Guides contains dozens of useful links and extensive references for further research and analysis.

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Action Item:
To obtain the High Tech Market Study of Philippines, please contact  Cost: $295 plus gst. If you are a member of CATA, the Guide is yours for $35 plus gst.