Ontario Premier Supports Networked Vehicle Foundation
August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009

ON Premier Supports Networked Vehicle Foundation

OTTAWA -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has expressed his support for the activities of the Networked Vehicle Foundation (NVF), in a letter to NVF Chair Barry Gander.

An outgrowth of the activities of CATAAlliance, the NVF's mission is to play an active role in orchestrating different industries to work together to fully integrate all vehicles into the global communications network. Tying together the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector with the traditional Auto sector, the NVF is working in an area that affects a million Canadian workers.

"Continue your dialogue with ministry officials as this important initiative continues to develop," the Premier urged the NVF.

"ICT already provides the lion's share of the value of vehicles today," added Mr. Gander, explaining the Premier's interest. Analysts confirm that ICT accounts for:
  • 80% of the innovation in vehicles
  • Unbounded new services
  • $1-billion in software for each model
  • 70% of a car's development cost
  • Al least $1,000 of a car's purchase value
In his letter, the Premier noted the cooperation being extended to the NVF by Ontario Ministries such as the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Research and Innovation, and the Ministry of Transportation.

"NVF projects such as the Networked Vehicle Test-Bed will bring the next generation of auto-related prosperity to Ontario," stated Mr. Gander. "We are determined to create a magnet project that will attract global companies to Ontario, where we will partner them with Canadian firms. The Highway Test-Bed is recognized as a catalyst for ICT-Auto innovation by both federal and provincial officials. We are delighted with this show of support from the Premier."


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About the Networked Vehicle Foundation

The NVF is the product of an extraordinary workshop in the fall of 2008, where the leaders of ICT companies such as IBM, INTEL, Cisco, HP, CA and others formed workgroups to provide continuous leadership in the discovery of new opportunities in a new field: ICT-Auto. The NVF is made up different players from the U.S. and global private sectors, public sectors, and academia. The NVF encourages automobile industries, broadband service providers, software developers, and wireless broadcasting industries around the world to join their foundation in order to maximize their own cooperation with other member companies in support of the evolution of the automotive industry, to take advantage of ICT technology, to create new value for all, and to formulate standards between internal car system and external information system which can reduce cost, extend product life and improve user benefits.

For further information on the Networked Vehicle Foundation, please contact:

Barry Gander
Chair, Networked Vehicle Foundation
EVP, CATAAlliance