CATAAlliance Ombudsperson Program: What are your thoughts?
August 7, 2013

  • Group: Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA)
  • Subject: CATAAlliance Ombudsperson Program: What are your thoughts?

Dear members

"Integral to our innovation nation mandate is the development and delivery of programs that save companies money, preserve and add to their good will, enhance their reputation as industry leaders and help create positive work environments to attract the brightest and the best and then retain that talent."

Please note that we have had a very large response to the above call for products and services and will be back to everyone who confirmed their supplier interest.

See below for one of the recommended initiatives and provide your feedback and suggestions.

CATAAlliance  Ombudsperson Program:

We all know that business relationships have the potential for costly disputes and loss of goodwill.

The CATAAlliance Ombudsperson Program provides our members with the services of a confidential and neutral third-party Ombudsman to help resolve problems confidentially and as early as possible in an amicable and expeditious fashion

While the Program Ombudsperson may make recommendations for conflict resolution, the service does not replace existing channels of assistance or appeal.

Definition of an Ombudsperson:

An Ombudsperson is a neutral, independent resource who provides informal, confidential assistance to help with the resolution of concerns and complaints. The Ombudsman helps facilitate a resolution through discussing the issue and facilitating possible solutions. Where possible the Ombudsperson will suggest and refer unresolved complaints and problems to alternative methods of dispute resolution. 

Contacting the Ombudsperson:

As a service to CATA members, any member can utilize the Obudperson’s Program for discussing an issue or concern with a neutral, objective person. Often the first conversation is used to identify the root of the problem and discuss options. If the Ombudsperson is not the appropriate venue for handling a particular issue, a referral will be offered.


Participants in the Program can expect timeliness and privacy as the parties are provided with information and alternative approaches in a respectful and diplomatic manner. The Ombudsperson is not an advocate or decision maker, and does not take sides or conduct in-depth research. No legal advice is provided to the parties. Confidentiality is a priority.

++ Action Required: Please summarize your issue or concern (500 words) and include your contact information in an email to John Reid, CATA’s CEO at

Note: for background on our Conflict Resolution Initiative (e.g., Survey, Courseware, Tools & Resources) please see this URL: 
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