Study on Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC): Microsoft adds its support: Engage with us today in advancing mission critical research
August 10, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Canada has joined the growing ranks of CATA supporters of the 2011 study on Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC) as the first commercial sponsor. The study will proceed with a firm-level survey, followed by in-depth interviews with key firms and government organizations involved in the commercial use of HPC. The survey will collect data on commercial HPC adoption and barriers to adoption to provide support for the development of policies and practices leading to a better utilization of the technology in Canada.

"We are delighted that Microsoft Canada has joined CATA and Compute Canada in support of measuring the adoption of HPC in Canada in order to lay the ground work for HPC adoption initiatives" said Ron Van Holst, the CATA leader of the study. "Microsoft is developing innovative solutions to bring HPC into the 'cloud' with its Azure platform, which will be a major enabler for small to medium enterprises to take advantage of HPC performance advantages."

The survey results will help Canadian industry and government innovation executives to address gaps in HPC utilization in order to help Canadian business be more globally competitive.


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