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August 12, 2010

CATAnet TV Channel has been developed as a forum for executives to connect, inform and inspire others to individual and organizational success. We currently have 45 video on the site with many more in production.

Recommended for You:

  • SR&ED Alerts:  Russ Roberts, CATA’s Sr. VP of Tax and Finance
  • i-Canada Update: Mike Pascoe, Pres.  & CEO, Magor with Bill Hutchison, Chair, i-Canada

  • Advanced Security Interview: John Reid, CATA, CEO

  • Tech Now Interviews: Paul Brent, CTV, Host

  • Innovation, Sustainability & Training: Shawn Browne, President, Digital Mentor Group

  • Keys to Innovation Success: 20 CEO’s, CATA Innovation Awards Gala winners

  • Canada’s Commercialization Gap: Mike Andrade, Senior, VP Celestica

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