Open Letter from i-Canada Chair, Bill Hutchison: Join with us in speaking out for i-Canada
August 13, 2010

Thank you for signing your name to our petition for i-Canada.  We appreciate the massive support we have been getting for the i-Canada vision: make Canada the world’s leading Intelligent Nation.

One of your fellow signatories put it best when he called i-Canada a program “an update of the original National Dream of a railway uniting Canada: now we are making virtual engines to run on rails of light.”

To get there, Canada needs to leap-frog into first place in the world in networking! On behalf of the i-Canada team, I would like to thank you with extra gratitude, for joining this first wave of people who are chaffing for change.

Ultra-broadband is the new global touchstone for success in ‘smart economies’ and many thoughtful Canadians such as yourself are reaching for action as we see our position eroding.  We need to rise to your expectations, and move the program up a notch so we can drive Canada into the number one Smart Nation position. 

Would you be interested in helping us move forward? 

We are interested in a small financial pledge, and a few minutes of your time to give Canada your views “on camera”? 

Moving this program out to 30 communities across our country needs resources, and needs passion. We can move ahead much faster with:
Ø      A 60-second video of yourself -- as a Canadian leader -- commenting on why you think Canada needs an ultra-broadband environment.  Your comments can address the social as well as the business benefits, and can position your own organization’s product or service within that comment, for awareness (not advertising) build-up. 

Ø      A contribution of $300 to the i-Canada cause.
Your contribution will cover the expenses involved in rolling the program out across Canada; the program is being delivered by a not-for-profit organization.
Your video will be arranged by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).  We can obtain your video through a video interview.

We feel that the swath of videos of leaders such as yourself, getting behind the arrowhead of transformation, will accelerate the i-Canada program immensely and shorten the time by a decade for Canada’s emergence as the world’s first Smart Nation!  It will be positioned along with others on the web site and the LinkedIn site.
I look forward to seeing you on video!  Best regards and thanks again for your vote of confidence in a dynamic Canadian response,
Bill Hutchison Chair, i-Canada & Chair, i-Waterfront Toronto