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August 18, 2011

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President of Key Western Network Adds Momentum to i-CANADA Council of Governors

Cybera President and CEO Robin Winsor has accepted an invitation to join the Council of Governors of i-CANADA. i-CANADA is an initiative to raise Canada to Intelligent Nation status by stimulating the development of smart communities across the country. Winsor, who has been active in driving cloud and open data adoption in Alberta, says the key to making Canada an Intelligent Nation is to provide the lowest cost of infrastructure.

"Just calling for 'innovation' is not the answer," says Winsor. "The game-changer is the cost of the networking and computing power. We need to be concentrating on the cloud, open source, green computing, and ultra-broadband, to give us a sustainable advantage. Creating the lowest-cost computing in the world is key to bringing the innovation we need." i-Canada's Council of Governors, chaired by Premier of New Brunswick David Alward, is an influential group of municipal, provincial, corporate and national leaders. Together they are setting the vision and direction for boosting the Canadian economy by building on a foundation of the most advanced information technologies and broadband communications. Read more

CATA News and Events:

Alcatel-Lucent Looking for Companies to Match its Innovation Focus with the ng Connect Program
The ng Connect Program, founded by Alcatel-Lucent, wishes to identify innovative Canadian and global organizations developing leading-edge technologies and capabilities in a variety of markets. Since ng Connect’s inception in 2009, the program has strived to attract the most innovative companies. One of its goals is to work with members to show how entire industries can be transformed with technology solutions that help people connect with each other through the content and applications they want, whenever and wherever they need them. Member companies are in technology based and non-technology based industries including consumer electronics, automotive, gaming, media, education, healthcare, retail and much more.

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) is pleased to inform you of a major China-bound trade delegation taking place this November, and offer an invitation to any security sector Canadian vendors to participate
The expectations for a fully funded mission will see the delegation begin in Hong Kong, and visit the cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing. The mission will also be anchored around the CATA Canadian Pavilion being developed for the 13th Annual China Public Security Expo (CPSE) (

Inter-Op Canada Announces Reseller Program for its Novel Multimedia Interoperability Solution: Mutualink
Inter-Op Canada, Inc.announced the launch of its Value Added Reseller (VAR) program. Inter-Op Canada is currently inviting qualified parties to participate in its resale program and to earn substantial wholesale margins on Mutualink equipment and network services.Mutualink is a multimedia interoperability solution that provides secure, real-time interoperable radio, telephone, dispatch voice, video, and data communication among public safety agencies. The solution enables broader, community-wide participation with key facilities through an easily installed plug-and-play solution.

Linking Capital to Advanced Security Companies: Join the TSX – CATA Capital Connections Series
The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and member partner TSX are pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative series of investment opportunity events aimed at aligning Canadian providers of advanced security technologies with interested capital investors from some of Canada’s leading Technology Investment Banks. The unique format for these events allows for strategic meetings to take place between leading CATA companies and elite professionals from the capital markets focused on the growth oriented technology companies. Each event will feature 10 minute meetings between the CEO's and the capital market professionals, and offers an opportunity post-meeting to develop relationships and network with other leaders in the advanced security sector.

Announcement from Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA): Benefit from the new CATA Partner Program
CATA is providing members with audience and client acquisition, partnership & technology search and product branding under its new CATA Partner Program.

SR&ED Update, Alert, and Call to Action, August 2011
CATAAlliance has released its August Update on the SR&ED program, prepared by our Senior Vice President, Tax and Finance, Dr. Russ Roberts. Russ's report provides an update on new developments, the feedback and guidance we are receiving from both members and the SR&ED LinkedIn Group on the CRA's new draft policy on eligibility. Our SR&ED Advocacy team then presents advice on what is needed if the CRA is to successfully deliver these incentives for Canadians.

Study on Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC): Microsoft adds its support: Engage with us today in advancing mission critical research
We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Canada has joined the growing ranks of CATA supporters of the 2011 study on Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC) as the first commercial sponsor. The study will proceed with a firm-level survey, followed by in-depth interviews with key firms and government organizations involved in the commercial use of HPC. The survey will collect data on commercial HPC adoption and barriers to adoption to provide support for the development of policies and practices leading to a better utilization of the technology in Canada.

Innovation Nation, Cloud Computing & Microsoft’s Virtual Training Academy
CATAAlliance regularly speaks out on issues of importance to the growth of Canada's High Tech Sector: Watch the latest CATAnet TV interview of CATA CEO John Reid, as he discusses the Innovation Nation, Cloud Computer Solutions & Microsoft’s Virtual Training Academy (MVA).

Sustainable IT
The Centre for Environment, University of Toronto, in partnership with IT in Canada (publisher of the Sustainability Platform website), is presenting Sustainable IT, a 2-day workshop to provide both IT and business managers with the tools to plan and implement a decisive sustainable IT strategy. October 3rd-4th, Toronto, Ontario.

ReConnect: Career Renewal for Returning Professional Women
CanWIT, a Divison of CATAAlliance member discount is available: Are you looking to renew and re-energize your career after an extended leave? ReConnect: Career Renewal for Returning Professional Women™ can provide valuable assistance. Now in its fourth year, the program is a partnership between CIBC and the Richard Ivey School of Business that assists women returning to the workplace after an extended absence. and the Business Information Group Extend support for CATA study on Effective Commercialization of Innovations in Canada
We are pleased to announce that, an industrial news hub owned by Business Information Group (BIG), has joined the growing ranks of CATA supporters of the 2011 study on Effective Commercialization of Innovations in Canada and the Innovation Nation Campaign.

CATAAtlantic News and Events:

Effective Commercialization of Innovations in Canada
Atlantic Companies Asked to Participate in Commercialization Study - We are requesting your participation in the on-line survey on Effective Commercialization of Innovations in Canada. The goal of this survey, which has been developed by CATAAlliance in collaboration with several other major industry associations, federal and provincial agencies and not-for-profit organizations involved in business acceleration, is to acquire a meaningful understanding of what works and what does not for Canadian companies in matters of commercialization. More information about this program can be found at the Commercialization Portal. We know your time is valuable, and we would appreciate 15 minutes of it to provide the critical information that will help Canadian executives – in Industry as well as in Government – to benchmark their organizations’ success in commercialization of innovation and to develop better practices and support programs for ensuring competitiveness on the global scale.

CanWIT, a division of CATAAlliance has launched an Atlantic Chapter
CanWIT, a division of CATAAlliance has launched an Atlantic Chapter. For more information on how to join the Executive Team or to become a member, please contact Emily Boucher at

Digital Nova Scotia - 22nd Annual Golf Tournament
Come out and play and/or sponsor!

Atlantic Canada Trade Mission to Brazil
The Maritimes Energy Association - MEA (Formerly OTANS) will be the lead organizer for a Trade Mission to Brazil, from October 3-7, 2011, which will coincide with the OTC Brazil Conference & Trade Show. The mission is supported through the Canada/Atlantic Provinces Agreement on International Business Development (IBDA). The IBDA is a federal/provincial agreement between the Government of Canada (ACOA, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and Industry Canada) and the four provincial governments in Atlantic Canada.

CATA research repository:

Critical First Responder Research & Business Insight
If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on, this First Responder opportunity, the CATA documents could be part of your "success map."
The Advanced Security in Canada – Industry Profile: 2010 to 2012 (also available in French) contains a detailed analysis of this fast growth, new market. The report will be interesting to those who work in the security domain – both as vendors and users –, and more particularly computer industry, business service providers, governments, universities who are interested in understanding the opportunities presented by this new, high-growth platform.


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