Are you capitalizing on the European Union (EU) Marketplace?
August 22, 2005

Ottawa August 22, 2005... The competitive opportunities of the EU marketplace are within the reach of Canadian businesses. Are you prepared to respond?

The EU produces one third of the world's scientific knowledge and boasts some of the fastest growing high-tech companies. Under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), research priorities and budgets have been established (2002-2006), with fifteen percent reserved for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

CATA has had a multidisciplinary team (the EU Insight Group) from University of Quebec (UQO) create a comprehensive 300 page Guide to Business Development in the EU based on country analysis linked to Sixth Framework technology priorities.

The project focuses on investment opportunities, operating, fiscal, legal, banking and taxation systems and policies, export and import issues, actual business structures and potential partners.

If your organization plans to market to, or needs information on, this fast growth market, the CATA EU Guide could be your "success map".

The Guide covers nine key business areas:

  • General Information: Find out about EU membership criteria, the European Monetary Union, financial bodies and investment projects, regional development policies, research and innovation.

  • Foreign Business Structure: Covers the laws and regulations for Foreign Direct Investment and Starting a Business.

  • Import and Export between EU and North America: Find out why you should export regulatory environments, borders and trade barriers, transatlantic relations and facts and figures.

  • Market Analysis: Establish the attractiveness of the market, with special focus on ICT, E-Commerce, Photonics, Hardware and Software, Wireless Telecommunications, Telecom, Aeronautics and High Speed Rail and Biotechnology.

  • Human Resources: Explore the attraction, retention and training of skilled employees.

  • Taxation: Get insight into preferred tax policies, strategies to reduce corporate tax and gain exceptions.

  • Financing: Find out about foreign investment policies, financial reporting, Government agencies and international issues.

  • Intellectual Property: Understand intellectual property rights, trademarks, patents, and copyright.

  • Business Culture: A tour of European values and business etiquette.

Get the Guide to the EU Marketplace today - a comprehensive 300 page document, written to respond to CATA's needs analysis Survey of companies doing business in or planning to expand in the EU. The Guide contains more than 100 useful links and extensive references for further research and analysis.

This offer provides these benefits, which have a value of thousands of dollars, for only $295 plus taxes. If you are a member of CATA, the Guide is yours for $95 plus taxes.

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