Sir Terrance Matthews: Global Trends Threaten Rapid Decline of Canada's ICT Advanced Technology Sector
August 26, 2008

CATA's National Spokesperson makes recommendations to avoid 'Perfect Storm' that is eroding Canada's telecom foundation

August 26, 2008....CATAAlliance released today a White Paper authored by its National Spokesperson, Sir Terrance Matthews, including CATAnet TV interviews on the "perfect storm" facing the IT and Telecom industry in Canada, and made recommendations for moving us from 14th to first place as the Innovation Nation.

According to CATA President, John Reid, " Mr. Matthews sets out a compelling case for Government action, both in policy and program terms, if Canada is to retain any hope of being a 'global player' in the next generation of the Information and Communications Technologies that are revolutionizing our world."

In the White Paper, A Challenge For Survival for Canada's ICT Sector, key areas addressed include: Lack of Venture Capital; Tax Treatment of Foreign Private Investors; Impact of Canada's Rising Dollar; Low Level of Business Funded and Managed R&D; Government Procurement; Loss of 'Critical Mass' to Attract High-Tech Support Companies; and, Growing Shortage of Adequate Expertise.

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CATANet TV Interviews

Mr. Reid provided context to the White Paper in a recent CATA Net TV Interview, part of a series of thought leadership interviews on what it will take to move Canada from 14th to 1st place in Innovation and Competitive Performance.

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Mr. Matthews added insight and urgency for taking immediate action in the following interviews:

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CATA as a Political Party

Reid added, "In many respects CATA is a political party, the party of the Canadian high tech industry. Our election platform is built from policy planks which will ensure success for Canada in the global economy. We actively encourage all of Canada's political leaders to better understand and embrace what it takes to create a knowledge based Canada."

Matthews concluded, "If Canada is to become an Innovation Nation, we've got to do a better job of supporting, growing and retaining our high tech companies and the people that power them."

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