Terra Acoustics Inc.: Calling for Investors and Partners to help take our company to the next level
August 27, 2010

August 28, 2010

Sixty Seconds from a Terra Acoustics, Senior Executive, Konrad Lewinski, on the company's innovative solution and global market opportunity

Please view this video from the CATAAlliance "Go 4 Funding" program: Konrad Lewinski is a Partner at Terra Acoustics, a new enterprise formed to develop a unique mobile platform for detecting shallow-buried IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). The company is seeking growth capital to take advantage of a billion dollar global market.

The Value Proposition:
Terra Acoustics Inc. was formed to develop a unique mobile platform for detecting shallow-buried IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). The goal is the development of a system with the capability to detect remote shallow subterranean objects as small as 30 cm, at ranges of 50-100 m, from vehicles moving as fast as 50 km/hr.

These systems are in great demand by governments worldwide for military applications that require subterranean object identification (i.e. locating IED's, unexploded ordinance (UXO's), and land mines). Secondary applications, such as buried municipal infrastructure location and identification, site geotechnical engineering and archaeological uses, can also be considered.

The company intellectual property, captured in the Seismic-Acoustic Detection and Ranging (SADARTM) concept, is based on a seismic-acoustic phased-array transmitter and receiver system. Non surface contact seismic-acoustic transmitters and receivers are arranged in a 4 x 16 array to enable aiming of an acoustic beam with lateral range of 50 m and depth of 2 m (see pdf download concept diagram in Fig. 1). This beam will be capable of producing a scanned cross-sectional road bed image 20 m wide x 2 m deep. A previously scanned road bed data map stored in memory will then be used for delta comparison to identify introduction of buried objects, or simply target objects of interest for further investigation.

(Please download the two page Terra Acoustics Overview Note)

Konrad Lewinski, Partner, Terra Acoustics, at email: konrad.lewinski@sympatico.ca or phone: 613-808-6300

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