Take the 2012 Entrepreneurial Nation Survey Today: PROFIT Magazine & CATAAlliance team up to help entrepreneurs identify benchmarks and best practices
August 29, 2012

The 2012 Entrepreneurial Nation survey is being conducted by the editors of PROFIT Magazine, in partnership with CATA Alliance. Please complete the survey at this URL:

English: https://www.r-connect.ca/R.aspx?a=419 

French: https://www.r-connect.ca/R.aspx?a=420

To show our thanks for your time and input, respondents who complete the survey will be eligible to:

1) receive a complimentary subscription to PROFIT Magazine
2) enter a draw for a new Apple iPad with 4G

This survey in intended to help Canadian entrepreneurs and owner-managers by identifying
 benchmarks and best practices in several key areas of business. One of the resulting reports will focus on the technology sector.

Results of this survey will be published in the November issue of PROFIT Magazine, as well as several industry-specific reports later in the year. All respondents can also request a copy of the survey reports. 

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