Telecom Expert Joins CATA to Promote Leading Canadian Sector
August 30, 2006

Ottawa, August 30, 2006…CATAAlliance announced today the addition of Jean-Guy Rens to its management team and Governing Council. Mr. Rens is the author of several books on the telecommunications industry in Canada and has over 25 years experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. He is recognized by his peers as a leading authority and researcher.

Jean-Guy Rens

Jean-Guy Rens is an information-technology consultant specializing in public policy analysis and marketing assistance for the introduction of new products and services. In addition to his role as Research Executive for CATA, Mr. Rens is President of ScienceTech Communications, specializing in research and communications in the area of information technology.

Mr. Rens just produced a landmark orientation plan on the coordination and centralization of all government telecommunications networks for the Government of Quebec (in cooperation with the UQAM).

In cooperation with the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), Jean-Guy Rens and his team produced the first census of all advanced security firms in Canada, to understand who they are via a survey, and to personally interview the industry's leaders. Almost 700 advanced security companies have been identified in Canada. This survey and report documented the security solutions that use IT. Two reports were produced, one about the whole of Canada (in English) and one focused on the Quebec situation (in French).

Mr. Rens and his team opened the way to the analysis of the IT industry in Quebec. He was the project manager and main author of the first studies on the Internet, the profile of the new industry (access providers and content developers), its social impacts and its applications (e-commerce). As such he was invited by the Government of Quebec to produce a major investigation on security and identification in the public sector computer networks.

Mr. Rens wrote several books and studies on IT. He co-authored Cybercommerce in Quebec a book on Quebec e-commerce covering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web-based business-to business (2001). As well he is the author of L'empire invisible, a 1,000-page book of history of Canadian telecommunications covering the management, political, technological and social aspects of this industry (1993). Volume one of this work was published in English at McGill-Queen's University Press under the title The Invisible Empire (2001). Volume two is in preparation.

First Directory and Study on the Content and Application Mobile Industry:

CATA President, John Reid, said "Telecommunications is a leading strength for Canada. We are pleased to be working with Mr. Rens in expanding CATA's Telecom voice. He will be an adjunct to CAIP (Canadian Association of Internet Providers) in addressing ISP issues as well as CATA's telcom research and advocacy, starting with the mobile-content industry in North America.

Reid added, "The full impact of the mobile content revolution will be felt with the arrival of business and professional applications: health and education, tourism, cultural institutions, and advertising. Hundreds of companies have entered the race, from the one-product SME to ubiquitous corporate giants such as Microsoft and Apple. The time has come to assess the state of the mobile-content industry in Canada and set out opportunities and growth barriers.

Companies interested in this project, should review:

Barry Gander, CATA's EVP Communications, at 613-220-1368 or to arrange interviews or for further background materials.