CATAAlliance News, Events & Opportunities August 30, 2012
August 30, 2012

Your look at CATAAlliance News, Events & Opportunities


Business Guidance & Mentorship Teleforum Conference Call Hosted by Sir Terry Matthews, President & CEO, Wesley Clover

A one hour Teleforum with Mr. Matthews, sponsored by CATAAlliance will take place on Thursday, September 13th at 11:00 a.m. EST. Register now as space is limited.

Those who participated in our recent Teleforum with Mr. Matthews on a "Venture Capital Blueprint for Canada" benefited from a stimulating Q&A where executives sought advice and guidance on some of the issues confronting them in building their enterprises. Mr. Matthews recommended and has confirmed a second session where he will focus on Q&A from callers, and also draw on the peer group to aid with providing mentorship and guidance.

Chris Di Lullo

Tech Corner
Cloud - Beyond Buzzwords & A Getaway to Mexico

Cloud, it's a term that has become one of those marketing buzz words that gets applied to pretty much everything these days. It's kind of like what happened with HD (high definition) a couple of years ago, it ended up getting slapped on so many things that it almost lost its meaning. ... read more

CATA News and Events:

Shared Services Canada (SSC): Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR) Update
Register Today for Updates, Guidance Opportunities & Q&A (Thursday, September 6th at 11 am EST)

First Responders Ready to Meet Public Safety and Security Executives at the Ottawa 5th Annual First Responder Vendor Outreach (VOF) Forum
The Forum will take place on October 16 & 17 at the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario and will offer two unique conference tracks running concurrently.

National Pledge...The Need for Speed:
Please sign the petition calling for a commitment by the federal government to establish the environment needed create within five years a national network that provides all Canadians with a minimum internet speed of 100 Mbps.

Public Safety & Advanced Security Update:
Summer update from the desk of CATA's VP of Research, Kevin Wennekes

CATAAlliance National Advisory Leadership Council (CNALC):
We are now inviting nominations and expressions of interest from community leaders in technology and innovation related roles to serve as members of the CATAAlliance National Advisory Leadership Council (CNLAC).

Important Shared Services Canada (SSC) Update and Call to Action:
Please review the SSC Consultation Update provided in Mr. Wescott's letter to CATAAlliance and provide us with guidance/counsel for the preparatory meeting in support of the launch of the Information Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR).

CanWIT Advisory Council (CAC) All-star Members of New Women in Tech Advisory Council Announced:
Members range from both gen-Y and executive level demographics and have been carefully selected from over 35 highly qualified applicants to guide and advise CanWIT on its programs and services.

OPEN DATA Study to Benchmark Movement By Communities, Organizations, to Unrestricted Data Content:
An Annual Syndicated Study from IT World Canada and iCANADA on the opportunities arising from the Municipal Rush to Open Systems.

CATA 2012 Post Budget Advocacy Agenda - Important Call for Guidance & Engagement:
If you are interested in assisting with the Campaign and/or have feedback or guidance on CATA Advocacy, please contact Russ Roberts, Senior VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy at

Take the 2012 Entrepreneurial Nation Survey Today: PROFIT Magazine & CATAAlliance
This survey in intended to help Canadian entrepreneurs and owner-managers by identifying benchmarks and best practices in several key areas of business. One of the resulting reports will focus on the SMB sector.

Open Letter on Crowdfunding to The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry
We are working with our members from across the country to develop a common understanding of the issues, and our position.

Engage with CanWIT Women in Tech: call for partners from the Desk of Emily Boucher, Executive Director, CanWIT
Contact Emily if you would like to assist us by recommending organizations and/or individuals that might have an interest in partnering with us?

2012 Federal Budget: Where Next: an ICT Transformational Partnerships Program?
This is the initial paper we plan to issue on topics of concern to the ICT sector. A second paper on the topic of "financing", including Crowdfunding, is also available for review.

CATA in the news:

CATA calls for federal government action on crowdfunding by itBusiness Staff

How crowdsourcing could help startups
By Vtio Pilieci, The Ottawa Citizen

CATA pressures government to provide broadband Internet for all
By: Brian Jackson,

Is something blooming in Canada's venture capital desert?
By: Dan Ovsey, Financial Post

Canada's tech sector risks losing to U.S
By Julia Johnson, National Post

IT World Canada president Annan joins new CanWIT advisory council
By: Christine Wong,

Facebook generation takes on regulators over crowdfunding
By: Kevin Carmichael The Globe and Mail

Welcome to New Members/Sponsors

CTE Solutions :

is a locally owned technology and management training company that provides a flexible and personal approach to IT learning solutions.

Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd.:

is a leading provider of IT and Engineering professional services, human capital resource management applications, and technology solutions with global delivery capability.

Intact Software:

develops fully integrated business management software for a global market.

Radio IP Software:

Established in 1998, Radio IP Software specializes in delivering innovative Mobile Virtual Private Network (also known as Mobile VPN or MVPN) and mobile security solutions to small and large enterprises, as well as military, public safety, utilities, transportation and government agencies with mission-critical or business critical communication requirements.

Public Sector Research Inc. (PSR):

is the premier Canadian public sector IM and IT market research company. PSR provides in-depth market research and analysis of government information technology needs, trends, spending and plans.

HHI Healthcare Solutions:

has engineered groundbreaking healthcare delivery models that provide employees and their families with better health outcomes through more focused preventive medicine, pro-active case management, and wellness & healthy lifestyle programs.

Verdsee Solutions Inc.:

is an advanced solutions integrator that creates products, systems and services that address the most demanding and important "Auto ID" initiatives in the world: those which impact the protection and preservation of human life.

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