Copyright Act Consultation and Possible Amendments
August 31, 2009

CATA/CAIP has urged Industry Minister Tony Clement to keep in mind the special role of and challenges facing small ISPs as the government pursues Copyright Reform and considers possible amendments to the Copyright Act. Appearing on behalf of CATA/CAIP at the August 27 invitation-only copyright consultation session in Toronto, hosted by Minister Clement, copyright expert and former CAIP President, Jay Thomson, highlighted the need for small ISPs to control their costs in order to be competitive, and thus their opposition to any proposals for copyright reforms which would increase their costs or add to their administrative burden. While stating CATA/CAIP's support for continuation of the Notice and Notice regime (which CAIP was instrumental in establishing almost 10 years ago), CATA/CAIP also emphasized the importance of the government putting in place a related cost recovery mechanism, citing a 2006 Industry Canada study which found that the average cost for a small ISP to process each rights holder's notice is almost $33, roughly three times the cost for larger ISPs.

Mr. Thomson also focused on CAIP's support for Notice and Notice (N&N) through coordinated messages with Bell, Rogers and Google to ensure mutual support in opposition to Notice and Take-Down and three strikes. Bell and CAIP spoke to the importance of educating Canadians about copyright.

Minister Clement and Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore have been holding consultations through the summer with a view to introducing new copyright legislation in the fall.

++ Action Item:
please contact John Reid, at for a copy of Mr. Thomson's remarks with Copyright in the Subject line and/or to provide further guidance to our Copyright Act advocacy team. Mr. Thomson will also be recording a video update and Q&A on Copyright Reform issues and concerns.

Ps Please review affecting a wide range of competitive issues.


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