Networked Highway Testbed Survey
September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

Wireless Auto mega-sector; Get survey results on ICT's next big opportunity

Welcome to a bigger world! The wireless revolution in transportation has arrived!

Today the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) component of the Auto sector is accounting for a stunning:
  • 80% of the innovation in vehicles
  • $1-billion in software development opportunity for each car model
  • 70% of a car's development cost
  • A 2:1 sales preference among vehicle buyers
Leading-edge ICT deployments are flooding into the Auto sector. Companies represented by the Networked Vehicle Foundation are interested in the dimensions of the ICT-Auto mega-sector; they include AT&T, BMW-ITRC, Bosch, CA, Cisco, HP, IBM, INTEL, McLaren and Verizon.

Respondents who participate in this survey will gain inside information that will provide a competitive advantage through insights into an estimate of the business momentum in ICT-Auto, with the specifications and demand requirement for a new kind of Networked Vehicle Test-Bed -- one that combines:
  • 'Next generation' connectivity;
  • A wireless transportation testing corridor more than 1,000 kilometers long;
  • Testable proving grounds of dense urban and scattered rural populations;
  • A variety of road and extreme weather conditions; and
  • A management structure created by the participants, aimed at collaboration and partnerships as well as demonstration and testing.
The results of this survey will help ensure that the design of the test-bed is optimal for the range of companies and organizations using it, and will be of benefit to organizations planning to:
  • Create applications and devices more rapidly and with greater reliability
  • Expand their work in the ICT-Auto space
  • Look ahead to the trends that will dominate the technology, services and business applications
  • Partner with other players in the space
This includes companies such as:
  • Auto makers (OEMs)
  • Suppliers to the Auto Sector
  • Information and Communications companies
  • Suppliers to ICT companies
  • Broadband and communications infrastructure companies
  • Service providers such as software developers and application-providers
  • Public sector stakeholders and partners
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This survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete.

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