CATA/U.S. Commercial Service Webinar Reveals $500 Million+ in Immediate Public Safety Network Procurement Opportunities: National Teleforum Recording Now Available
September 14, 2011

Please contact Kevin Wennekes, CATA's VP of Research at in order to obtain your free download of an MP3 recording of the recent National Teleforum held regarding the 4th Annual First Responder Vendor Outreach Forum and hear from our speakers on topics including: large U.S. public safety network procurement opportunities currently accepting tenders;  how past companies have realized success through the Forum’s unique ‘Dragon’s Den’ format; and, what value the First Responder and vendor communities obtain  through their participation.  Mr. Wennekes can also brief you on our extensive work it the areas of interoperability, public safety and security.

Call participants included: Tracey Ford, Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, Ottawa Embassy; Bill Schrier, Chief Technology Officer of the City of Seattle; Michael Doucet, Chief Information Officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Inspt. (Ret`d) Lance Valcour, O.O.M, of the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group, George Krausz, President, Motorola Solutions Canada Inc., and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s (CATA) VP Research, Kevin Wennekes.

The following are brief sound bites from the call:

Bill Schrier

“I chair a group of waiver recipients in the United States who have authority from the Federal Communications Commission to build public safety wireless broadband data networks. In mid-2010, as part of the US Federal government stimulus package, Broadband Technology opportunity grants were granted to seven cities, and States have grant money in- hand to build these wireless broadband networks.

Examples included

·         Colorado –  $12 Million

·         The Bay area – $50 Million

·         Charlotte –  $60 Million

·         Los Angeles – $154 Million

·         Mississippi - $70 Million

·         New Mexico – $38 Million

·         New Jersey – $39 Million

Michael Doucet

“Not very often do we get the opportunity to spend a couple of days, roll up our sleeves, and look at what I would believe are truly innovative products that are tackling some of the problems and opportunities we have as first responders. ”

George Krausz

“I’d use the words ‘magic things happen’. The Boardrooms, when you have your 25 minutes with the group is extremely valuable. Typically, what Motorola has done in these Forums is not seek to sell product –  although that opportunity is clearly there – we are really there to discuss how we can assist in the public safety issues of the day to move things forward.”

Lance Valcour

“The people that are coming to this are either the final decision makers or the people that will walk into the Chief’s office and influence that decision. They are the right people to have the right discussions on both sides of the table.”

Tracey Ford

“What struck me is how innovative and unique it is. It’s very unusual to find an event that is not a sales event but is in fact a Forum where the buyers and sellers can sit down to learn from each other, to collaborate and develop a plan together in an open Forum to achieve a common goal..”

Also hear from Superintendent Pascal Rodier of the British Columbia Ambulance Service for more on speaker and Boardroom participants.

Key Broadcast Timelines

Min:Sec          Speaker and Discussion Summary

0:00 - 12:42    Kevin Wennekes
            Introduction of guest speakers and overview of the Vendor Outreach Forum’s unique format and strong value proposition

12:42 - 21:00  Lance Valcour
Why the Forum is valuable to both the vendor and First Responder communities and how it benefits both groups

21:00 – 29:17 Michael Doucet
What brings Michael back to the Forum series for his second consecutive appearance, personal insights on the Forum, and talks about RCMP procurement practices

29:17 – 37:35 Bill Schrier
            Reveals his oversight role and details on 500+ Million US interoperability procurement opportunities and hints at what more he’ll be sharing in his presentation at the Forum

37:35 – 49:20 George Krausz
Reveals what brings Motorola back to the Forum for the fourth consecutive year as its exclusive Reception sponsor and how the event brings the firm closer to the first responder and public safety community, along with potential partners and suppliers  

49:20 – 43:30 Pascal Rodier
An overview of the 33 confirmed speakers and First Responder participating organizations included in the Executive Boardrooms

53:30 – 50:35 Tracey Ford & Wrap up
Relays her personal experience in the inaugural Forum and how this event will benefit U.S. firms that choose to participate.


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