The importance of mentorship and diversity initiatives to attract and retain women in Canada's technology sector: On Air Live with CanWIT’s Executive Director, Emily Boucher

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Ottawa, September 18, 2013... CATAAlliance continues its interactive On Air Broadcasting capability from Google Hangout as part of a series of thought-leadership interviews On Air. 

Viewers are able to tune into the CATA Specialty Channel from anywhere in the world for live interviews with executives sharing their insights on topics affecting enterprise growth and innovation success.

A video record is archived to the CATAnet TV (You Tube) Channel as part of expanding the library of educational videos available to the community. 

CATA CEO John Reid, said, “we continue to expand both traditional and digital resources to strengthen op in peer networks and information sharing for Tax & Finance, Innovation Leadership, Shared Services Canada, Women in Tech, Health Care, Public Safety and Security, Export Markets, among other key areas which impact Canada’s competitive and innovation rankings. Providing a real time interactive TV Channel is a logical step in the evolution of our new media communications.” 

CATAAlliance counts 22 thousand Twitter Followers, 14 thousand op in executives in Linkedin Groups, 5000 executives in the Google + CATA Circle, 30 thousand CATAnet TV video views, a 2 million executive audience on social media groups in Canada and major Global markets, and direct email databases of 15 thousand executives. 

Reid added, “When you combine these resources with the On Air Channel you have considerable leverage for advancing Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation and business growth advocacy.”

Join Us for Our Live Broadcast
Why diversity and mentorship is Important to Canada’s innovation nation

CATA CEO John Reid (in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), interviews Emily Boucher, Executive Director, CanWIT (in Halifax, Nova Scotia) on the importance of mentorship and diversity initiatives to attract and retain women in Canada's technology sector. CanWIT has seen unprecedented growth this year with its expanded its mandate to improve programming for entrepreneurs and Gen-Y leaders.

The interview will profile the best practices gained from CanWIT's National eMentorship program, the first on-line program of its kind in Canada targeting women in technology, and look at the network's goals for the coming year.


·  Private and Public sector executives with mandates to advance diversity and mentorship within their organization

·  Women executives starting or advancing their careers in the high tech sector


·  Time: Thursday, September 26th at 11:30 am EST (please check your time zone)

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