The Advantage Canada Summit 2006 - Halifax
September 19, 2006

The Advantage Canada Summit 2006

Ottawa, Ontario - September 19, 2006... The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), in collaboration with its partners, is holding the Advantage Canada Summit on November 2, 2006, in Halifax. The Summit will bring together a Pan-Canadian assembly of recognized public, private, academic and labour leaders to develop a Canadian Brand: a defining statement that clearly describes Canada's value proposition as a global sourcing destination of choice and differentiates the Country from competing Nations.

As preliminarily defined in the Global Sourcing Action Roadmap (see below for more details), summit attendees will be asked to further define the strategies, challenges, and opportunities required to implement the Advantage Canada Campaign with a particular focus on developing the Canadian Brand.

"Nova Scotia - and Canada in general - is gaining prominence as an outsourcing destination of choice," said Stephen Lund, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. "In order to continue this growth, we must define a Canadian brand that interests global business leaders, accurately depicts our national and regional advantages, and ultimately helps strengthen awareness of Canada as a place to do business and create new opportunities for all provinces."

This exclusive, invitation-only event is fittingly taking place at Halifax's Pier 21 - a historic national gateway to Canada that served as Canada's 'front door' to over a million newcomers in its almost 50 year history.

"Holding the Summit in Halifax, and especially at the Pier, is wonderfully symbolic of what we're trying to achieve," says Kevin Wennekes, VP Research CATAAlliance and author of the Global Sourcing Action Roadmap. "Those million new arrivals no doubt found Canada to be a land of opportunity and prosperity. Canada benefited immensely from their contributions to our economic and cultural landscape and helped create the advantages we can promote today. And by holding the event in Halifax, we hope to remind our guests that every Province in Canada has a part to play in developing our National Brand and identifying our natural and competitive advantages."

The Summit will be facilitated by The Access Group using their unique 'kitchen table' format: whereby a moderated table of notable and recognized subject matter experts set the stage for discussions that identify the burning challenges, opportunities and obstacles in defining the Canadian Brand. Break out groups, comprised of the entire assembly, are then formed to address a specific issue and define solutions which are shared and ratified in final plenary session. From these, an Action Plan will be formulated and published shortly after the event.

Some of the areas preliminarily identified for discussion and information exchange include:

  • Identifying unique regional strengths, programs, offerings
  • Sharing promotion strategies - seeking to collaborate/join forces to create stronger Canadian presence at international events
  • Sharing event and research priorities - seeking to collaborate/join forces to avoid duplication and overlap
  • Addressing and seeking solutions to the challenges/opportunities to developing the brand i.e. high Canadian dollar, FDI impacts, needed/existing skill sets and labour pools; taxation, competition among regions - how to implement fair and equal promotion from a National portal
  • Identifying needed partnerships - seeking out means for most effective private/public partnerships
  • Identifying means to ensure Canada's largest business group - Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - can actively participate in and benefit from the Advantage Canada campaign activities and outcomes

Participants at the discussion leader table will consist of representatives (ideally recognized authorities in understanding the challenges and opportunities facing Canada's Global Sourcing environment) of those organizations accepting a Supporter role.

Support - Participate - Lead

Participation in the Summit will be available through invitation only as issued through its supporting organizations. Support opportunities are available and open exclusively to provincial and federal governments/agencies and regional and industrial associations. While corporate sponsorship is not sought, private sector participants will be actively recruited as their input into the Canadian Brand is critical. Organizations that wish to support the Summit and thereby ensure their province/region is well represented, and who can secure local representatives from Industry, Government and Academic groups to attend, please contact Kevin Wennekes at

A limited number of non-supporter affiliated invitations are available - contact Kevin for details.

CATAAlliance & NSBI Supporting Balanced Viewpoint Summit on Multisourcing

On the day before the Advantage Canada Summit, join over 200 delegates and 21 executive-level speakers from the U.S. and Canada at the Wu Conference Centre on UNB campus in Fredericton for the Balanced Viewpoint Summit on Multisourcing.

Supported by and featuring speakers from both CATAAlliance and NSBI, a key focus of the Summit will be on how the knowledge of outsourcing options has radically been altered by the successes and failures over the last five years and how the lessons learned from these experiences provide the framework for discussing a multisourcing lifecycle for vendors, organizations seeking benefits from outsourcing, and the benefits afforded by the multisourcing spectrum of service delivery options.

Frank Hart, president of EDS Canada is the Summit's keynote speaker and New Brunswick's Premier Bernard Lord is scheduled to participate in the day's luncheon. Confirmed participating organizations include Aithent, BMO Bank of Montreal, Branham Group, Centerbeam, CGI, Comprehendex, Deloitte, DeltaWare, IBM, IDC, Keane, MphasiS, Nearshore Atlantic, Strategic Motion, Xerox and xwave.

In an exclusive offer available only to CATAAlliance members and attendees to the Advantage Canada Summit, Balanced Viewpoint organizers are offering a 15% discount on the registration fee.

Visit for more details then e-mail to register.

Advantage Canada Summit Sponsors

Ontario Canada
Canadian Red Cross
New Brunswick Canada
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Montreal International


  1. Register your interest in attending or supporting the Advantage Canada Summit November 2 in Halifax. Contact Kevin Wennekes

  2. Register for the Balanced Viewpoint Summit on Multisourcing on November 1 in Fredericton.

  3. CATA Members can request the revised Global Sourcing Action Roadmap with special Ipsos-Reid Canadian Outsourcing Survey Snapshot Report.

The Advantage Canada Summit 2006

Developing a National Brand for Canada and Understanding Our Regional Advantages

Date: November 2, 2006
Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: Pier 21, 1055 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia
How to attend: By invitation only. Contact:
Kevin Wennekes

Global Sourcing Action Roadmap

The latest version of the Roadmap is currently available and now includes two special updates: a detailed summary of the Building The Roads To Global Sourcing Success event and a snapshot report on a mini-survey on outsourcing completed exclusively for CATAAlliance by Ipsos-Reid Canada.

Discover what speakers had to say on the issues of developing the Canadian Brand, the kind of research Canada needs to pursue to better understand and quantify the outsourcing phenomena, the need for leadership, and how the Country risks losing valuable positioning as a sourcing destination of choice if the status quo is maintained.

The revised Roadmap provides a detailed overview of the remarks made by keynote speakers and panelists (see agenda)

The report is available to CATAAlliance members, please contact Cathi Malette at to obtain a copy.

Recent Ipsos-Reid Survey

Ipsos Reid

Earlier this year, member company Ipsos Reid conducted a survey of over 250 Canadian IT executives and CATAAlliance was provided with an opportunity to append a series of questions relating to their outsourcing practices. The results, unpublished in any other works, are contained in the mini-report: Outsourcing in Canada ­– Tracking the Locations, Trends, and Forecasts for Outsourcing Among Canadian Business being released today exclusively by CATAAlliance.

The report explores the proportion of work Canadian businesses are conducting between vendors in Canada, the U.S. and globally. Executives provide forecasts on whether the total value of their outsourcing contracts are going to increase, decrease or remain the same over the next three years and by what value. It reveals which sectors are the biggest outsourcers and those that project the larges increases and decreases. Finally, the results reveal how the size of a company may impact its trends and projections of use.

The report is available to CATAAlliance members, please contact Cathi Malette at to obtain a copy.