Quick-Poll: Manufacturing Sector Actions to Meet the Challenges of the Rising Dollar
September 19, 2007

Executives in the Manufacturing sector are facing complexities that are keeping them up at night: a high Canadian dollar, unpredictable energy costs, and strong competition from emerging economies. These threats are making many once-strong verticals wobble: forest products, transportation, chemicals and consumer products.

To provide more information for an ACCESS Group Executive Roundtable in October, it would be appreciated if executives from the Manufacturing sector filled out the Quick-Poll on the actions they are taking to combat the effects of the high Canadian dollar before October 9th.

By way of background, the Executive Roundtable will bring together the leaders from the Manufacturing community, to spark ideas and share solutions on the measures needed to meet these changes, as well as the plans, risks and challenges involved in implementing these changes. The Executive Roundtable is being held in conjunction with the Richard Ivey School of Business, IBM, Korn Ferry International, and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Those who respond will receive the Poll results and a copy of the whitepaper generated from the Roundtable discussions.

Executives from the Manufacturing sector please fill out the Quick-Poll