Canada’s Industry Minister wants your story! Engage with us in providing examples of technology adoption success in SME's
September 19, 2011


Sept. 19/11

Attn: Canada's Community Leaders
Subject:  Canada’s Industry Minister wants your story!

Dear Community Executives

We are helping to structure a fund to amplify clever uses of technology for businesses that you don't normally think of as "high tech" -- retail stores, restaurants, service businesses, and so on.

To do so, CATAAlliance is working with Industry Minister Paradis to seek the guidance of the community. If you are a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME), please provide us with a short description of how you are using advanced technology in your business.

This information will help focus a coming round of new investment funding.  It is also a way for technology vendors to feature their customers, with a potential for new investment from the federal government.

++ Action Requested:

Please help us document some examples of where technology can help smaller companies succeed. A paragraph or two of description is all we need, along with your contact information.

We also welcome any other guidance that you can provide on necessary vehicles to advance Canada’s Innovative capabilities. Please sent your note to CATA’s CEO, John Reid at with "Industry Minister wants your story" in the subject line.

Yours sincerely,

John Reid, CATAAlliance CEO