An invitation to join CATAAlliance, Compute Canada and Microsoft for an executive round table discussion on High Performance Computing (HPC aka Supercomputing) in Canada: Space is limited, please confirm today
September 20, 2011

CATA Executive Round Table on High Performance Computing

An invitation to join CATAAlliance, Compute Canada and Microsoft for an executive round table discussion on High Performance Computing (HPC aka Supercomputing) in Canada: Keynote speakers; Susan Baldwin, Executive Director Compute Canada;  Mark S. Staveley PhD, Software Development Engineer in Test within Microsoft’s HPC Product Engineering Tea and Earl Dodd, CTO and Chief Cloud Officer for Ideas And Machines.

We are living in a digital age.

In Canada, we have been global leaders in digital communications (shipping the bits) but communications is only one part of the digital economy. Tomorrow’s leaders of the digital economy will be those who harness the power of computers (processing the bits) in all aspects of business.  It has been well documented that the leading cause of Canada’s productivity gap is an under-investment in ICT.  Supercomputing is a special class of ICT; one which can reverse that gap and put Canadian enterprises into leadership positions. 

Canadian experts in supercomputing believe Canada’s gap in supercomputer adoption is even greater than our gap in ICT adoption.  To compete in a global economy, businesses will need to harness the power of supercomputers more than ever before – those that do not will be left behind.  As Susan Baldwin stated in her top ranked Digital Economy submission, “To Compete You Must Compute”.

Please join us as our guest on Friday, October 7th, from 9am to noon at the Microsoft Canada office:  100 Queen Street, suite 500, that’s in the World Exchange Plaza at Queen and Metcalf in Ottawa.  This executive round table will bring together some of the top thought leaders in supercomputing in Canada, as well as representatives from academia and government, business leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss HPC as an economic development engine for Canada.

Participants will:

1.       Hear from Susan Baldwin on the state of supercomputing in Canada and her vision of the future of HPC in Canada.

2.       See a demo of Microsoft supercomputing software from Mark Staveley and hear about Microsoft’s vision of the future of supercomputing.

3.       Hear about supercomputer initiatives in the US from Earl Dodd and what we can learn from them here in Canada.

4.       Hear about CATA’s study on Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing.

5.       Have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss supercomputing in Canada.

Our Keynote Speakers:

Susan Baldwin is Compute/Calcul Canada’s first Executive Director, responsible for leading the creation of a powerful national HPC platform for research. She works in collaboration with the university-based regional divisions to provide for overall architecture and planning, software integration, operations and management and coordination of user support for the national HPC platform. She is responsible for developing and executing the strategic plan for HPC in Canada and securing the necessary funding. Compute Canada is also supporting the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) in the G-8 Exascale Project. In a recent consultation by the Government of Canada on a Digital Economy Strategy, the submission prepared by Ms. Baldwin won the most votes for the best idea.

Mark Staveley is a Software Development Engineer in Test with Microsoft’s High Performance Computing (HPC) Team within the Server and Cloud Division.  Prior to joining Microsoft, Mark worked for a number of start-up companies, held the position of Adjunct Lecturer at Queen’s University and Memorial University, and spent over 7 years working with two of Canada’s largest supercomputing centers (ACEnet and HPCVL) ultimately holding the position of Senior Computational Research Consultant.  Mark holds a PhD from Memorial University (St. John’s, NL, Canada), a MSc from the University of Waikato (Hamilton, NZ), and a BSc from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON, Canada).  Mark’s research interests include information retrieval theory, high performance computing, parallel programming, computational chemistry, cheminformatics and machine learning.  Recent challenges at Microsoft for Mark have included helping Microsoft’s HPC Server break the Petaflop barrier, deploying compute resources on Azure facilities worldwide, and working with Domain Specialists so they can use HPC Server and other Microsoft tools to “Model the World”. 

Earl Dodd is CTO and Chief Cloud Officer for Ideas And Machines which specializes on helping the public and private sectors with high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing realization, advanced streaming analytics and 3D story worlds. Most recently, Earl was the Executive Director and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers, Inc. (RMSC) in Montana.  RMSC was a first-of-a-kind public-private partnership that focuses on the HPC Cloud as an economic development engine for Montana and the region. Earl's technical competencies are in strategy formulation for Peta/ExaScale architectures and UltraScale 3D visualization and collaboration to drive the next generation computationally-steered workflows and applications. The ability to be a “social imagineer” is a life-long dream coming true by helping build a knowledge economy one company and one government at a time. He holds BS and MS degrees in Mining Engineering from Montana College of Mineral Science & Technology ("Montana Tech") and an MBA from Tulane University. Earl has over 30 years’ experience in Supercomputing and High Performance Computing (HPC). Hobbies include hiking and 4-wheeling in the mountains and woodworking.

++ ACTION item – Seating is limited, so please RSVP to CATA’s Executive in Residence, Ron Van Holst at – Ron is also available to answer any HPC questions that you may have.