THE NEW NATIONAL DREAM: Building an Intelligent Nation: Important call for leadership engagement to Canada's business, government & educational communities
September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011

We are calling on all Canadians to join with us in advancing i-CANADA a nation building initiative designed to move Canada to first place in innovation, competitiveness & quality of life.

Over the past several months we have worked with more than 1000 executives, including i-CANADA Governors, Premiers, Mayors, CEOs, expert advisors, and other supporters who are debating issues on the i-CANADA social network.

Watch the latest CATAnet TV interview of CATA CEO John Reid, as he discusses the i-CANADA launch event and the importance of  learning from best Community practices, the Intelligent Community Assessment Tool and  leadership engagement.  


CATAnet TV interview 
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++ Action Items

We invite you to review the Agenda for the i-CANADA Advisory Board launch event on THE NEW NATIONAL DREAM: Building an Intelligent Nation (Nov. 16-17, 2001, Windsor, Essex ON).

If your organization wishes to take a major leadership role in advancing i-CANADA then please contact us for a detailed backgrounder on current and future i-CANADA plans.

We also need your assistance in mobilizing Canadians, so please circulate the i-CANADA Vision  to your network of contacts in private & public sectors as well as the educational community.
Please engage with us today!

John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance
Advancing the Business of Technology

About i-CANADA

i-CANADA is a nation of Intelligent Communities large and small, central and remote, all enjoyingthe economic development, job growth and social prosperity now available in the world’s leading Intelligent Communities or Smart Cities. i-CANADA is based on twenty years of global experience in creating Intelligent Communities. “Lessons learned” are adapted from our transformational work with i-CANADA , Hong Kong Cyberport, Singapore, Waterfront Toronto’s revitalization, Malaysia,Taiwan, and years of experience with finalists for Intelligent Community of the Year.

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