More excellent value for CAIP members with TELoIP’s diverse carrier connection aggregation affinity program
September 28, 2009

Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP) members will incur no upfront fees for POP equipment with TELoIP’s unmatched connection aggregation - delivering greater speed, higher quality, and zero dropped VOIP calls on failover with CAIP’s latest affinity program.

TELoIP’s technology uses bi-directional IPQoS and Multi-Directional Pathway Selection techniques to mix and match symmetrical and asymmetrical bandwidth products to empower Canadian ISPs to compete with the large carriers – delivering voice, video, and data services over a single connection with quality assurance.

“The TELoIP solution enables us to provide a rock solid product to our customers, providing up to five nines (99.999%) of reliability," says Bill Campbell, president of Skyway West and long-time CAIP member.

TELoIP’s connection aggregation, also known as line bonding, combines diverse carrier connectivity and differing speed links without requiring the underlying carrier’s participation or that they run any special protocols – giving CAIP members complete autonomy across all supplier networks.

"Using this technology, our T1Xstream service combines multiple Internet connections using different IP addresses into a single connection with a single IP address,” remarks Campbell. “Inbound and outbound traffic only slows down if an individual Internet service fails - VoIP and terminal services stay connected.”

TELoIP's high-availability no-loss failover internet solutions lead to a significant drop in overall communication costs. A more stable, dependable, faster, and, lower cost bandwidth solution is offered to the users by bringing together and compressing already existing technologies such as traditional T1/DS1 circuits, Metro Ethernet, ADSL, Cable and Wireless.

CAIP member savings:

Non-CAIP members: Must pay upfront fees in excess of $250,000 for concentrator equipment, licensing and professional services to establish the minimum TELoIP diverse Carrier Aggregation PoP requirements.

CAIP members: Zero upfront fees! 

Action Items:

1. Contact CAIP at to learn more or get signed up with the TELoIP Affinity program

2. Visit for details on TELoIP’s innovative offering for CAIP ISPs.