CATAAlliance News, Events & Opportunities Oct 5, 2010
October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010

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CATAnet TV: Canada's High Tech Sector and i-Canada

CATA regularly speaks out on issues of concern to Canada's High Tech Sector: Watch the latest CTV Tech NOW interview of CATA CEO John Reid, by CTV host, Paul Brent as they discuss Game Changing Innovation, Digital strategy, Tech Trends & Venture Capital, and the Benefits of Social Networking.

CATA News and Events:

New Program puts your product into active trials in Government:
Conference Call Briefing on $40 Million Program & Buy-and-Sell Website: Thursday October 7th
Register Today as caller numbers are restricted

3rd Annual VOF (Vendor Outreach Forum) in Halifax:
Hear a company's perspective on the value value proposition of the 3rd Annual VOF, held in September in Halifax: SeaBotix Inc., & VOF participation.

The President & CEO of Inter-Op Canada, Jim Peter Safar, speaks to the Advanced Security dimension of a successful Innovation Nation::
Jim Peter Safar, President & CEO, Inter-Op Canada & Innovation Leader talks about interoperability and the challenges for the tri-services, multimedia sharing platforms and the benefits of participation in the 3rd Annual Vendor Opportunity Forum (VOF) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Copyright Modernation: An Innovation Nation Issue: Call for Input and Guidance
Key amendments are needed to Bill C-32, an Act to amend the Copyright Act or the Copyright Modernization Act (the "Act") currently before Parliament. Please provide your input and/or guidance on Copyright Modernization to CATA CEO, John Reid, at email

The Vice President of Motorola, George Krausz speaks to the Advanced Security dimension of a successful Innovation Nation:
George Krausz, VP, Motorola's Government & Commercial Markets Division & Innovation Leader talks about enabling police officers in the field, the growing international nature of advanced security, the interoperability dimension, and the reality of public safety & security as fundamental for Canadian citizens' welfare and for successful commerce.

China hosting world's largest electronic transportation showcase: Special Package Eases Canadian Access
Logistics and marketing support included for EVS25: 25th World Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, Nov.5-9, 2010, Shenzhen, China

Help Shape Your Industry!
The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is seeking input from leading organizations and industry professionals to help frame the new ICT Certification Program, I-ADVANCE©. Being developed in collaboration with industry, government and educational institutions I-ADVANCE© is unique to Canada. It will validate the key competencies of ICT workers, lay out career development paths for ICT professionals and assist employers in the creation of a more productive workforce.

Critical Factor Assessment: Planning for Success - A Ready Set Grow Webinar
Join us for a Webinar on October 19. Sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and produced by the Canadian Innovation Centre and the Technology Marketing Resource Centre, in association with the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. Creating a successful venture is a complex proposition - how can you be sure that you have all your bases covered?

CATA research repository:

Terry Matthews Speech on ICT Hard Problems in Security
now Available at the CATA Research Repository

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CATA is now providing a number of social networking forums for executives to connect, inform and inspire others to individual and organizational success. In order to benefit and be first in line for critical updates, please join the CATAAlliance main social networking group (1040 current members) on Linkedin at:

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