Announcement from Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum: Explanation of Consultation Approaches
October 9, 2012

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Re: The use of SSC Forum’s educational and thought leadership resources to help advance the structure, conduct and performance of the SSC transformation.

Dear members

We have had several requests for a brief explanation of our advocacy approaches.

Resources Available to Us

-the Forum in its own right has 1000 op in executives from the public and private sectors, large and small enterprises alike. Members are contributing white papers, key links to resources, participation in briefings and Committees and ties to their executive networks.

-the Forum is moderated to ensure quality control, including having an industry Chair and liaison to help achieve our goals.

-the Forum uses CATA resources, including Research and Survey Tools and extensive media and executive databases and social media. It also taps into the CATA Leadership Council. Please take a minute to review its membership at: 

A How to Example: SSC ITIR Advisory Committee

- a Conference Call Briefing is provided on engagement opportunities and all major developments; members are then asked for their feedback and direction. In the case of the SSC ITIR Advisory Committee(s), members advanced the names of executives for nomination, including a description of capabilities.

- Chair & CATA CEO selected a CATA lead representative to serve on the Committee, (e.g., the Architecture Framework Advisory Committee), as well as key executives to support the Committee representative. This can be viewed as our direct engagement team. 

- Going forward one of the roles of our team(s) is to provide SSC Forum members with regular Conference Call briefings and updates, including access to SSC briefing materials.

Thus all members will have direct access to materials and through their participation have an opportunity to advance the structure, conduct and performance of the SSC transformation.

We will be fully utilizing CATA’s internal resources to advance and leverage our messaging, including the use of Research and Survey tools. 

Thank you for helping advance community advocacy.

John Cousens, Chair, SSC Forum
John Reid, CATA CEO 
Posted By John Reid