Cisco VP, Rick Otway on future eco-systems for Canadian communities
October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010

Cisco VP, Rick Otway provides insight into the future eco-systems for Canadian communities: i-Canada innovation leadership

Please view this video in which Rick Otway, Vice President, Central Canada Public Sector Operations, Cisco, speaks to ICT & Canadian Communities: its impact on how we work, live, play & learn; Smart Connected Communities & Networked Information; the Internet of Things; and the Changing Community Dynamics for Heath Care, New Industries, & Sustainable Cost Curves.

Cisco is a globally-acknowledged innovation leader and a supporter of i-Canada implementation.

The vision for i-Canada is a nation of provincial and local Intelligent Communities large and small, urban and remote featuring great places to live with innovation cultures and communications infrastructures that ensure economic growth, satisfying employment and social prosperity. In the future i-Canada's Intelligent Communities will have blended our traditional values with the best new applications of 21st century digital technology to create new models for effective health care, ageing well and world class education and learning.

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Ps "Ultra Broadband" for Google-speed cities: New Technology Opportunities in Telecommunications, Health Care, Energy Conservation, Education and Services- Recording & Briefing Materials Now Available

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