Sales From Social: CEO Workshop on Harnessing Social Media for Profit

September 19, 2011
  • See Social Media deliver real profits and real leads... demonstrated in real time for your business
  • Discover Legal Strategies to enhance growth through Social Media
What do CEOs need to see about Social Media? That it works. For them.

For a limited number of CEOs, Miller Thomson, ITWorld Canada, and i-CANADA are holding a CEO Workshop Wednesday, October 12, from 4:00 p.m . - 7:00 p.m. During this CEO Workshop, executives will be shown:
  • A real-time demonstration of sales leads produced for them;
  • Closing a sale for a product or service offering;
  • How the social web finds dozens of conversations, and how to join them;
  • Cost efficient conversion of online lookers and social talkers into customers; and
  • Legal strategies that extend business opportunitiew
  • All with next generation interactive social media tools.
CEOs can find out more about how to use social media in strategic manner as well as learn how to cost efficiently harvest potential sales leads for your business offering by taking part in I-Canada’s Business Builder Series, during "Sales From Social". CEOs can register online at

Consider the following metrics about doing business in social circles that are online and are happening 24/7/365 at a time that is convenient to the consumer including:
  • 22% of time spent on the internet is social;
  • 24 % more users on social networks versus email;
  • More time spent on mobile apps versus web browsers; and,
  • 200% more active on Facebook mobile versus Desktop. ( LinkedIn Concurs )
What this means is that your customers and even a large number of your employees are social; are you and your company doing everything necessary to be part of the relevant conversations around your product, brand message and more importantly, your competitors ?

Sales From Social will provide a timely introduction to several available new tools and techniques in cost effectively finding relevant conversations, monitoring and responding to those conversations, and then showcasing how a modest investment in social media marketing can bring new revenues and potential new customers to your business.

This highly interactive conversation, lead by David Jonah, Strategic Advisor and CIO of ITWorldCanada, will demonstrate in practical terms and provide actual examples of how you and your business growth team can adopt these new methods in sales lead generation capture, including measurement and management metrics for finding the right individuals that are wanting to buy now, or are helping to sell your products and services now; ...or not.

Double impact can be gained by early consideration legal issues that will ensure the maximum benefit to business growth through the use of social media.

Legal areas that will be canvassed during this presentation include:
  • brand building and it’s relation to trademark infringement or passing off, through the use of trademarks in association with goods or services or company name as well as comments on blogs or by impersonating a business;
  • policies for the preservation of trade secrets;
  • misuse of confidential information , through disclosure by employees;
  • copyright and the legitimate use of text, images, and audio;
  • value of copyright notices;
  • online advertising issues to avoid unfair, deceptive or misleading statements;
  • location of data storage and associated legal issues;
  • privacy issues and preservation of personality rights; and
  • relevant SPAM legislation
Best Quote on Social Media's Potential: Scary or Not:
"I learned more about my daughters from their Facebook pages than I did from raising them" Bob Iger, CEO The Walt Disney Company, Fortune Brainstorm Tech circa 2009
Attend Sales From Social and come away with a Sales Action Plan to harness Social Media for your business.

The Presenters

David Jonah David Jonah is Strategic Advisor and CIO for IT World Canada. His background is in web architecture and platform design for search and social friendly web sites. He has been involved in the re-development of the IT World Canada’s web publishing platform and more recently the renewal of the back end database systems that respond to the publishing sites for reader and visitor response systems for newsletter delivery, among other things. Mr. Jonah is a frequent presenter at industry events and maintains an active involvement in personal and community publishing. David can be followed on @davidjonah on Twitter.

David Jonah Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-CANADA, has been one of the world's leading pioneers in the development and application of the latest in information technology, telecommunications and new media. New cross enterprise integration methods, "Web 2.0 services" and ultra broadband infrastructures to support new Intelligent Communities are merely the latest in a continuing flow of transformative concepts for maintaining and growing our prosperity. Bill has been recognized for his leadership by a Hall of Fame election and national awards for professionalism, integrity and industry leadership technology. He can be contacted at

Eugene Gierszcak Eugene Gierszcak, Eugene Gierczak is the national chair of Miller Thomson’s Intellectual Property and Information Technology Group. He provides advice on all aspects on intellectual property law including litigation. Eugene has written numerous papers and is a frequent speaker on intellectual property issues including "Licensing of Patents", "Technology Transfers" and “Intellectual Property Integration with Business Plans” before the legal profession in Canada, the Unites States and Europe. He is annually called upon to speak on “Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances in the Context of IP Issues” before the Canadian Institute of Lawyers. Eugene can be contacted at

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